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How can i get a cosmetology license in the state of IOWA?

I’m about to get my Cosmetology license for the state of Louisiana (1500hrs), and I’m planning to move and get my license in the state of Iowa (2100hrs). I’d love if someone could tell me how to get my license in the state of Iowa, I heard i will only need to take a written test and that’s it! but if anyone has more information i would appreciated a lot! TIA

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    Congratulations on being so close to getting your cosmetology license. Every state has different requirements when it comes to getting your license in their state. To be certain the difference between Iowa cosmetology requirements and Louisiana, contact the state board for Iowa and ask them the difference in requirements. Beauty School ( is a great resource site to finding out information regarding licensing. I pulled a link to the state licensing requirements. Just click on your state and it has the contact information to the state board. You may be able to find what you need without calling but just in case you do need to contact them, that information is there as well.

    Oh! One more thing – if you want to ask questions of other beauty students, cosmetology teachers and working beauty professionals across the country, you might want to check out the Beauty School Lounge at… It’s a social networking site for people interested in cosmetology, and it’s loaded with good stuff.

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    touch the State Board of Cosmetology in Illinois. i might only call concepts for the telephone quantity and bypass from there to be certain greater concepts. i'm authorized in Ohio and Michigan and all I had to do became to take the written try, via fact I had sufficient persevering with coaching hours.

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