what can you tell me about environmental engineer?

Im looking to major in it and needed to know some things.

what jobs can they do?

what classes to take?

and anything else important about the field.

all help is appreciated thank you :)

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    They do engineering work regarding the state of the environment and reducing the impact of other engineering projects. They may work on improving water quality and availability, monitoring landfills and toxic wastes, plan environmental mitigation for development projects, or design air quality regulating structures, for example.

    They deal with chemistry, so they take classes in general and organic chemistry, as well as water and atmospheric chemistry. Physics and mathematics are musts. They will also take classes in water quality, air quality, hydrology and water resources, hazardous waste management, environmental regulations, wastewater and drinking water treatment, etc. etc.

    Environmental engineering is a hybrid between civil and chemical engineering. A lot of the fundamentals of unit processes and the like (dealing with air and water treatment/quality) are taken from chemical engineering, but a lot of the application of what they do is related to civil. I earned my degrees in civil engineering but what I did was immensely similar to the environmental engineering curricula.

    If you're interested, I would get literature on the program from whatever college you're interested in attending/currently attending and get in touch with an academic advisor or professor in the program who can tell you more about that school's specific program. Different schools have different focuses within the discipline of environmental engineering, so it's always good to know what they emphasize.

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    According to collegeboard.com, environmental engineers, "...help cities and construction companies find ways to build that don’t damage the environment. They help to clean up environmental problems from the past. They work with factories so they pollute less. Environmental engineers do their part to make sure that the earth will be in good condition for those who live here tomorrow. Environmental engineers use math and science to address environmental challenges such as hazardous waste and pollution. They also study the impact on the environment of proposed construction projects."

    You'll need to take higher level math and science classes including, calc, chemistry, biology and environmental science just to name a few. Check out the collegeboard.com, http://www.aaee.net/Website/Careers.htm and http://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=50... for more info.

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