best python to buy for pet?

what is the best type of python to buy as a pet? i live in australia so has to be australian breeds

probably one of the following types

jungle python



murray darling

coastal carpet

i want a pet snake that will be friendly and not too bitey and love being handled, also one that will grow big


thanks for your somewhat rude advice, i have had snakes before and am also a vet so HAVE done my research, i know they do not crave attention like other pets which is quite obvious.....dont mock me, rude pr ick

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  • 10 years ago
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    It's not on your list, but I suggest a royal python (ball python) if this is your first snake- don't be fooled by the general species of royal pythons, there are many subspecies that have been bred that look much different than the regular royal- such as the pastel or my favorite: the silver bullet.

    I suggest a royal python because they're very well tempered and good with other pets if you have them (IF YOU TRAIN THEM), my Royal is about 5 years old now and she has no problem cuddling up with my mom's cats or laying with my dog- but I don't suggest introducing them to rodents because they'll either get a whiff and eat them or stop eating their food because of the smell.

    Royal Pythons aren't Australian but love the heat just the same, they come from Africa and are so common that you can get them at almost any pet store that sells snakes- but for most of the subspecies you'll have to find special breeders.

    Royals love to be held when they're in the mood and are very loyal; mine immediately slithers back to me if I let people hold her and she hates to be violent so much that if a rat turns on her and bites back, she hides instead of killing it; but one of the problems that Royals get through breeding is that they're bad shedders, meaning when they shed you'll have to help after a while, but don't worry- it's like when you get glue on your fingers and you get to peel it off!

    Sorry for the long response, hope I helped c:

    Source(s): being a snake owner for 11 of my 18 years.
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    10 years ago

    I have a ball python and its very docile, sometime to much but a good started snake . What ever one you get there are some things to remember. Clean the cage often , snake poop and urine has a very heavy smell of ammonia. Use paper towels to line the cage floor and not wood chips because when you feed them that can eat the chips with there food . Feed them frozen lab raised mice ( thaw them in a glass of hot water ) live mice can make the snake aggressive and handle them often helps them stay used to being handled. NO HOT ROCKS, they can burn the snake. Use a reptile heating pad and glass tank. Large water bowl to keep humidity high to aid in shedding. some one mention shedding problems. a warm water soak will aid in shedding

    try covering the top of the cage with a wet towel to trap moisture but leave a corner open for some air

    this will greatly aid in the shedding. I feel that you should not peel your snakes skin, if it does not come off on its own its not ready to do so. they should shed all at one time and if not increase the moisture

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  • 10 years ago

    Well i own a coastal carpet python. They are great snakes to own. They are also the biggest snake to my knowlegde on your list. They get to be 7-10 feet long. Mine is about 4 feet and a yearling. Finished eating a medium rats yesterday so he is full. But they make great pets and they have a great feeding response.

    But if you want to go bigger there is the olive python but i don't know if it is the australian type of the island type that gets bigger. You can also get the biggest python in australia. The Amythystine Python or scrub python the biggest in australia. This is there size. 3.5 to 5 metres. Can grow up to 7m long and weight a whopping 250kg.

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  • 10 years ago

    I would also say the woma. While I've handled quite a few jungles that were okay, they all were a bit snippy, especially in the cage. Bredli's are nice as well and I've found them to be fine to handle. They do get very large though, bigger than the womas and as such will require higher amounts of caution when handling to avoid an injury to you or worse.

    Source(s): Owner/breeder of snakes
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  • 10 years ago

    Womas are the best. All of the other ones will bite. None of them will love being handled. If you want a pet that loves being handled, a snake is not the pet for you. Snakes aren't friendly creatures that urge you to handle them, they CAN be tolerant creatures that TOLERATE handling. do your research, all of these are not really beginner snakes.

    Well for someone that has experienced snakes before it's good to know that they will not be friendly and love being handled.

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