Are there any boot camps like the movie "boot camp"?

Obviously not as dramatic but something relatively similar? IM also not sur eif this is the right area for this topic but yea

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If we are talking the movie "Boot Camp" from 2007 the answer is yes.

    A school named "Paradise Cove" existed on Samoa late in the 1990's. A man has just been sentenced to life because he killed his parents. The reason was according to the DA was that he hired a killer because his parents sent him to the Samoa camp. Down in Mexico there were several such places. Search for "Casa by the Sea" and "High Impact". In the last one kids was tied in dog cages and left for the day. They were all closed. "Tranquility Bay" was located in Jamaica. Not a pleasant place.

    There some places very similar to the movie today. Most in Utah and they benefit from lack of supervision. There was a GAO hearing in the congress about this 2 or 3 years ago. Others in Missouri can treat kids as they like as long as they state that they are religious boarding schools because then everything is allowed in school.

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