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A Perfect Circle Music Video?

Who is the girl in the Weak and Powerless music video by A Perfect Circle?

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    1 decade ago
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    The music video, directed by the Brothers Strause, features a nude woman with long, white hair, as seen in various artwork for the album, crawling through the woods, collecting various reptiles, and throwing them into an insect-filled pit. The commentary by Maynard James Keenan provided for the video stated the model's name as Tanya, a woman who had never done this type of work before. There are two versions of the video; edited and unedited. In the unedited version the woman's breast and pelvic areas are clearly visible. These areas of the body are darkened and blurred for the television version and the scenes are sped up. Various camera and computer effects are used throughout the video. The video saw significant airplay upon release and is included on the aMOTION DVD/CD.

    Source(s): idk wikipedia lol
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