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I cant drink more than 2 bottles of beer. HELP!?

I am 20 years old, 6 feet tall, mascular build.
But Whenever i drink more than 2 bottles of beer , i get am hangover the other morning. But when i look at my friends , they can drink much much more than i do. But still they are fine the other day. I tried all combinations of beer, food,water etc but it still happens to be the same! But i know that if i cant tolerate more than 2 bottles, i just stop after 2.

 I heard somewhere that every individual varies in his capacity , is this true?

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    Keeping in mind the cheaper the alcohol, the worse the hangover, definitely opt out of drinking shitty beers. Eat before you drink, or try eating while you drink. You are supposed to drink 8 fl oz of water per drink so definitely keep up with the H2O. Sorry you get so hungover, I feel your pain. I have been going with the "Practice Practice Practice" technique per suggestion of my friends and the guy who posted prior. : )

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    O the days of the old funnel chug! Gives me a bad head-ace just remembering those days.I too am a big beer drinker I just would get tired of the taste,so I would drink hard lemonade.You may have a low tolerance for beer and therefore can't drink as much as your friends,so go try other drink that cater more to your own taste buds and I know you will be able to out drink your friends.Just be a responsible drinker!

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    I get hangovers from some beers, and not from others. Sometimes I don't drink too much and I can feel ill the next morning. Everyone's different, it's probably just the way you are - for now, at least.

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    Your have a allergy to Alcohol your body is trying to tell you that, yes it`s not how big of a man you are, everybody at any size can have a allergy toward Alcohol, drink your diet pop and drive your Friends around, you will get more women than your buddys that way too.

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    "I heard somewhere that every individual varies in his capacity , is this true?"

    yes that is pretty much true. although you can practice I don't see why you would want to drink more.

    but since you obviously do want to drink more (otherwise you wouldn't have asked this question I guess) I agree with practice. just drink to your hearts content and deal with the hangover. it'll get better.. or you'll get used to it =P

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    If he knows the form you experience approximately it and could no longer exchange that should tell you some thing. it gets worse. it somewhat is going to take further and extra simply by fact the years bypass with the aid of for him to get a buzz off a pair of beers. Now, if he purely drinks a pair of beers on the weekend that may no longer so undesirable. yet while he drinks each and all the time and it bothers you, then your dating won't in any respect final. I defined to my BF the modifications I observed in him while he grew to become into stoned, how his approach grew to become into unfavourable, he grew to become into lazy and all mutually in easy terms a downright loser. He stopped simply by fact he knew finally i grew to become into stunning and that i might leave him if he persevered. tell him it somewhat is unattractive, scares you with regards to your destiny and enable him be attentive to how he acts otherwise while he drinks. If he cares, he will hear and react.

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    PRACTICE!!! the more you drink the more your body will be able to handle the alcohol. as for your friends they may still be getting hangovers but just not as bad due to more experience drinking.

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    thats a sign from above.. you shouldnt drink more then that... there could be consequences

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    what is the size of those bottle???

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    your a ***** plain and simple

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