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Mexican Drug Cartels Have Seized 2 Texas ranches near Laredo...?

You knew it was only a matter of time. What are your thoughts? Still want to grant these guys clemency?

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    Wasn't Texas formerly a part of Mexico? Perhaps they're just reclaiming stolen lands.

    Source(s): I live in the Northeast--nowhere near Texas, or Mexico.
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    i visit offer you that they have not seized the ranches. yet 'Mexican Drug Cartel grab public lands requiring the federal government to warn electorate removed from the areas 0 to 80 miles into AZ. i think a community of land 80 miles long 20 miles huge prohibited to individuals simply by fact of cartels isn't a project for you.

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    Yes.....our stinko government should be jumping on all this. & dontforget there's cartels roaming the mountains around Phoenix. & Tucson spying on law enforcement, and a park (forget, National or State) is closed to our citizens because itself too dangerous, & Mexico is suing the US because they don't like our immigration laws. Screw them all, build a giant double wall, ship any they catch back, etc......

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    Build a deep and high fence, make it illegal to hire or rent to any foreign born criminals, children born here the parents can take them with them to their country of origin or they can be put up for adoption, and put a $100 bounty on each and every illegal. It won't take long before they will be gone. NO AMNESTY, those who want it are whoring for votes. They don't belong here and we want our country back.

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    this will happen more an more because our gov. officials do not have the guts to do what is right for America [oh we might get mexico mad at us] no more kickbacks or free taco,s

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    They have all the fun in Texas,I haven't killed anything since deer season,well there was that one cat last week.

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    Don't they have policemen in Texas?

    Maybe you should notify them.

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    No .

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