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Could it be a tick, or some other cause?

About a month ago, my 15-year-old cat became ill, lethargic and weak in the hindquarters. After about four days of this illness, she seemed to recover miraculously, and has been fine ever since. Now she is acting ill again, all the same symptoms. What the heck? Could this be a tick? She only recently began going outside, since we moved to the country, and I Frontlined her a month ago, right after she recovered, but I never found any ticks on her. Help.

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    lethargy and weakened limbs are signs of lyme disease. My parents dog has had it and he requires monthly meds now, for life. The ticks that carry it can be so small its nearly impossible to even see them. How is she doing now? :)

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    You can prefer up the identical form of tick as your puppy (now not all animal ticks will connect to persons - we don;t style nce) however the dangers are minimum. Get your puppy a flea collar or use the flea chemical compounds (the belongings you drop onto the scruff of the neck) to minimise the threat of you puppy fitting inflamed. A tick on a puppy won't 'soar' at you or whatever, so if you are as a rule checking for ticks, that is part the wrestle. THe surely location you might get a tick, might be the identical location as your puppy ..... up on moors, traditional land, fern & bracken or fields with Cattle and so forth. To minimize the threat (and fear) easily attempt to hinder the motion of the puppy to low threat places - play fields/subject now not utilized by cattle and so forth. But don;t fear, there are matters a tick can switch however the likelyhood is minimum and now not lifestyles threatening.

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    Frontline works against ticks but I don't know about ticks that have already embedded in a cat.

    The thing is that Frontline starts to lose potency after the second week. It is about half as effective in weeks 3 and 4 as in weeks 1 and 2. But the ingredient in Frontline is very non toxic to cats. You can use Frontline every two weeks safely.

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