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Does fan letters go to Katy Perry?

I love Katy perry. SO I think im gonna give her a letter. but do you think shelll give a picture bak to me?

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    Well not just Katy Perry but all sorts of singers are too busy to read fan mail. So the agents get them and sometimes they don't send anything back. My friend tried it before and no one sent anything back. But don't think Katy Perry doesn't like you or anyone else. She just doesn't have enough time to go through bags and bags of mail from her fans. Who knows what she has to do each day. Sorry to say that but it is true. You will be lucky if you get something back. Sorry to burst your bubble. But we all have those times, am I right?

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    Write To Katy Perry

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    I sent a letter to Katy Perry and got a picture back but I think the autograph was printed so it wasn't real but still, Katy Perry rocks and I was psyched to get a picture! It took like a year, though but that's normal. And KP rocks!

    Here it is: (right next to Cameron Diaz who DID actually sign it herself because it has my name on it, LOL)

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    Katy Perry is very sweet. She'll try her hardest to send you a pic. Just try, maybe you'll get one.

    ~Miley Ray

    (Private Email):

    (Fan Mail):

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    If she loves her fans she would read them- but sometimes it would go to her Agents or somewhere UNKNOWN.They would problaby send you a picture with a fake signing. Sorry to dissappoint you cupcake......have a nice Day.

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    She might if you have a really good sob story.

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