What is the best way to get a tinted window permit without medical insurance?

I just got my first car but I'm Irish and have typical fair pale skin and I think its beautiful I dont want to get tanned or burned and I want to get a permit from a doctor so I can legally get my windows tinted i live in CA and from what I understand its not really legal otherwise. The problem is I dont have medical insurance. Do I have to see a dermatologist to get the permit or can I just pay to go see a doctor once and have him right be a note saying its ok for me to get my windows tinted because of my fair skin?

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    10 years ago
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    The windows in you vehicle can be legally tinted to a certain percentage of the light not showing through; you will need to see what the laws is regarding the exact amount of tint you can use ( try the DMV website )

  • 9 years ago

    I think this is the wrong place to ask this question, if you are talking about tinting your windshield, it's illegal everywhere.

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