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small countries,happier people?

do you think people living in smaller countries w/ a smaller population have less stress and are more happier compared to people who live in bigger countries (or should i say cities)?

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    No, smaller countries often have money issues because they only have a certain number of residents, and they have expenses to provide for those residents, but often times might not have the money or resources to provide for those residents. Sometimes smaller countries have drama because they have smaller Army's and can't always provide minor safety to their residents. A smaller country might have 1 doctor who treats cancer, but a larger country might have 300 doctors who treat nothing but cancer. A smaller country might only have 1 vet and that vet might be 300 miles away. There are certainly some benefits to living in a smaller country, but there are some disadvantages also. There is good and bad everywhere, people, places, services, there isn't a magical place to live where everyone is happy.

  • I don't think the size of the country matters as much as whether someone lives in the city or in a cozier place. City people tend to be less happy than rural or small town people in my experience.

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    i dont think so lol cause im from a small country and we are more pessimistic i guess, but oh well im from the big capital city so.. idk people from villages are probably more free, but i like big cities like mine

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