is lupus serious.........?

if so how serious is it? and can you give me a death rate for teens?

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    Lupus is an autoimmune illness. The persons immune system has gone into 'overdrive'. So for example when you get a cold your immune system will come out and try to fight it, in a lupus patients case it doesn't know how to stop. In the worst case scenario this can mean that the persons own immune system attacks their internal organs not realising they belong to the person.

    Years ago lupus was thought of as an illness that would automatically eventually prove fatal. These days with hugely improved treatments and medications the vast majority of lupus patients go on to lead full and active lives.

    Lupus is very different from patient to patient and the ones that do die from lupus have usually been misdiagnosed for many, many years and the lupus has caused damage to organs and consequently organ failure. There are no real statistics as to how many people die 'from lupus' as death certificates don't have the cause of death as lupus but as some sort of organ failure (which has most likely been caused by lupus).

    Having said that I repeat that these days the vast majority of lupus patients lead long lives. I have personally had lupus for about 16 years and I have now learnt to manage it and know what annoys it and what to avoid or do to make life easier.

    The key for lupus patients is to get as much good information as possible then you know what is good or bad for lupus. Be very careful where you get this information as there's a ton of nonsense written about it by people not qualified to comment.

    Please see our website which is overseen by lupus specialists and has a free lupus nurse online service, she can answer any more questions you might have:

    Hope that helps.

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    Yes!!! It's an autoimmune disorder and it is very serious!

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