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Which countries do you believe possess nuclear weapons, but haven't came public about it yet?

US, UK, Russia, China and France are officially nuclear states. India and Pakistan have also tested weapons. Same as North Korea.

However some countries such as Israel most likely have weapons, but will not confirm or deny it. Which other countries do you believe currently posses nukes, but have not yet told the world about it?

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    Israel(hiding many) ,Iran(making one) , Syria (starting to make one) ,Japan(could posses one) ,S Korea(US helping it so might have developed one) ,Ukraine (one of the USSR state having several N reactor having capability of making bombs), Brazil (recently seen interested in N technology) ,Turkey (geo-politics suggest it is developing one too) ,Germany (countering french) ,S Africa(once was N Armed might have decided to acquire one again)

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    Well, I would think the EU has a collective nuclear supply because the UK and France have Nukes.

    South Korea probably have developed Nuclear Weapons over the course of the last 50 years after the Korean War and the US influence. And Japan probably developed some since WWII.

    Iran is in the middle of developing them. I know for a fact Syria and Jordan don't have them, but I think the only other, maybe, nuclear active Middle Eastern country is Saudi Arabia. And perhaps Turkey.

    And what a-boot those Canadians, eh?

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    I highly doubt any country has them with out one of the world super powers knowing about it. Most countries who want them want them because they feel it will give them more power as a "threat" so if they did they'd brag about it.

    As for the person who said North Korea doesn't have them that is not true North Korea did set one off a few years back. It was an under ground explosion while it wasn't a very powerful nuke it was still a nuke. Who knows how they got their hands on it though. They might have bought it off the "black market".

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    The Taliban very very nearly did take Pakistan's nukes some years in the past. The attacked into Pakistan and drove maximum of the thank you to the capital earlier they have been stopped. It has no longer got here approximately yet simply by fact in easy terms Pakistan has nukes so a ways. they have a particular purpose for his or her nukes, protection against India. additionally, mutually as there are distinctive man or woman Pakistanis who help the terrorists, the rustic itself does no longer help them. As I already pronounced, they tried to take over Pakistan as quickly as already. yet prevalent, Pakistan sees greater of hazard from India then they from terrorists. because Pakistan is the only Muslim united states with nukes, people may well be attentive to the place the nuke got here from. North Korea knows the comparable element. North Korea is administered with the aid of a dictator. A dictators sole purpose in life is to stay in potential. deliver a nuke someplace which could be traced lower back to you skill you would be forcibly taken out of potential. So it does no longer help their purpose.

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  • Israel has had them for years but never talks about it. That is the only one.

    Iran is not even close. But they are getting help.

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    9 years ago

    Obviously not North Korea because they love flaunting about it.

    So Israel.

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    I don't really think Israel has nukes (bombs).

    The only country close to having them that is not on your list is Iran.

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    Trust me, the US government would know if anyone had "secret" nukes. They always have a way... he he he he he. So my answer is none.

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    maybe israel

  • 9 years ago

    maybe israel should have a little accident

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