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my circulation is poor in my opinion because i notice i have to always redirect my body in a certain way VERY frequently these past months ill feel this cramp in my blood and ill have to straighten that part of my body for the blood to flow its painful usually i feel it in all the places were my body bends and its been even worse this past week when i had my period i have muscle strains right now my buttocks is hurting and ive been getting REALLY BAD headaches and itchy bumps on my skin and an ache in my stomach and frequent bowel movements and im having a hard time falling asleep and pain in my lungs and heart i don't know or think ALL of these things can be related but i just want to find out whats going on or what i can do to find the answer i did a lot of searching online and lupus comes up how can i confirm i have it or not, how serious is it, and does it develop in teens? or do you think i may have something else?


and i forget things really fast ill be doing one thing and decide to take a break and like 2 min. later ill totally forget what i was doing before

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lupus has many symptoms which mimic other illnesses which is why it's quite tricky to diagnose. However the most common symptoms are joint/muscle pain, depression and exhaustion. Most lupus patients report having these symptoms at some time. Other symptoms do include rashes, headaches, pleurisy (lung problems), memory problems and stomach problems (lupus patients are intolerant of a lot of foods).

    The majority of lupus patients are female between the ages of 15 and 45 although men and children do get lupus.

    I would check out our website ( which has a list of all the symptoms and if you're still convinced it might be lupus you will need to consult a lupus specialist (they're usually rheumatologists) who will run tests.

    Good luck.

  • I don't know. That's a lot of problems. Some of your issues are basic, like everybody gets once in a while, but if you really have it all then go talk to a Dr.

    Web MD has info to read. Here's a symptoms chart to start from:

    Here's Lupus info:

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