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How would i start a security company for neighborhoods?

I currently work in security for a hospital and a college and im wanting to start my own security company (im currently a supervisor for a company but im not the owner). I would like to start with doing neighborhoods and gated communities, i know they have them cause i have been looking into the ones here in my area. I was just wondering how i could go about bidding and pricing for something like this. What kind of licenses would i have to have and what kind of insurance and anything else i might possibly learn would be of great help.

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    PRICING - Calculate your pricing for your services. You should calculate in the cost of employees, uniforms and vehicles. Check whatyour competitors charge. You may start out only serving your customers yourself, but eventually you will need to hire employees to cover all of the jobs that you will be booking.

    INSURANCE - Make sure that you are adequate insured for your business. Contact a commerical insurance agent. Insurance is very crucial in this line of work. You will be working on the property of others and dealing with many people, you need to make sure that you and your clients are protected.

    ADVERTISE - Place an ad in your local newspaper for your services. You should also place a large ad in your local telephone directory. If you live in a remote area, you should include your ads in the nearest large city as well. You will most likely receive most of your business from newspaper advertising and word of mouth.

    WEBSITE - Build your own website because a presence on the web is very important to all businesses. Even if it is very small and simple, make sure it is professional and looks great. You do not need to spend an arm and a leg to have a professional website. Your website will help you to build your security company.

    GROW - Complete every job in a professional manner and your security company business will start growing quickly. An online presence, newspaper ads, telephone directory ads and word of mouth will grow your security company faster than you will believe.

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