Is Pennsylvania State University a good college for mathematics?

I'm currently going to be a senior in high school. I love mathematics even though I may not have a strong natural ability for it as others may have. I'm trying to decide a college to go to for math. I want to major in math at either University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana or Pennsylvania State University University Park. I was wondering if anyone knew if PSU has a good mathematics program? Any feedback about either school is greatly appreciated.


I currently live in the suburbs of chicago so U of I is in state for me. I got a 30 on my ACT so I dont really have any doubts that I would get into both of these schools.

Update 2:

**I am fairly sure I would get into both schools(worded it wrong)

Update 3:

***I want to go to Penn state because...

1.) My friends go there

2.) It's prettier there

3.) I read the teachers at U of I are more impersonal

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    Hello again ownpool.

    The second time I am giving you a run for your money at best answerer.

    Hi There!

    So you've gotten a passion for math, eh?

    Me too.

    Most people who love mathematics (in it's purest form) usually go on to become actuarial scientists (big money), engineers, financial analysts (again, big money)

    With this is mind, I'd like to congratulate your decision to study math (personally, I'm not so good).

    Where do you live, exactly?

    While Pennsylvania State University does have a good reputation, but not as good as Champaign Urbana (from here on known as CU).

    CU has excellent (one of the best in the country) engineering programs, which are heavily tied into the math programs taught at undergraduate level. Although you may not need to go to such a good university when you are ultimately going to graduate school later on, every advantage helps, and so I'd recommend you to go to CU if you can afford it and get in.

    Here is some proof of CU's credentials.

    It's the 5th best engineering school in the USA

    here is some more


    Why is it exactly that you want to go to Penn State then?

    It's kind of random, considering you want to go there.

    Also, I saw that the UC tuition for non-residents is 27k, for residents it is 13k (per annum), while U Penn is about 40k

    I'd recommend you to save money and go to school in state at UC, then go to a graduate school like MIT or CalTech later on- if you can get in, that is.

    EDIT: Okay, last time I'm going to make an edit

    You shouldn't go to a university because your friends are going. I can't really put it any other way. You're going to school for yourself, not your friends. You are bound to make new and better friends in college, and you should be focused on where you are getting the best education.

    Penn State is prettier.

    However, I doubt it's more personal that UC. Neither school is really personal to it's students. PState has 10 000 undergrads and 10 000 graduate students; UC has 30 000 undergrads, and 10 000 grad students.

    Neither school is going to offer you a very personal experience, as they are both way too big (way to big for my tastes anyway).

    Don't go to a school for your friends. Friends are expendable- trust me. A girlfriend/boyfriend is different, but friends are expendable. You don't want to miss out by following your friends' choices.

    Anyway, I'm not going to write anymore about this, as I think I've already said what I want. You seem pretty set on penn state, despite what I've said, so I hope you are happy with your decision.

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    The PSU-UP math program is strong enough that straight A grades and a top GRE score will make you competitive for any US graduate school program in math or a closely enough related field.

    For an undergraduate major in math, the top campus of any state university in the US is fine. It is not necessary to pay out of state or private school tuition.

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