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Is being biracial("haffu") much of an issue in Japan?

In general, would a Japanese man or woman who was married to a foreigner go out of their way to not have kids with the foreigner, for any reason?(like trying not to get pregnant)

Are haffu picked on for being "the one nail that's not hammered down"?

I heard this is mostly true, but I don't know if thats just gossip.

My friend in Japan said before that there were 2 biracial people in his school, but they were the most popular, and they were not picked on at all.


Oh, sorry I should have been more clear about that one part. By "any reason" I actually meant "any reason that has to do with regarding the kid being mixed". sorry^^

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    I'm half Japanese, half white, and I live in Japan, so I think I can answer this. :)

    Honestly, some "haffu" are picked on, some aren't. Some are considered very good looking, and hense popular- some aren't. In all honesty, I think a lot of whether a haffu is picked on or looked down upon depends on their personality and how they deal with the possibility and action of this- but, of course, this is not always the case.

    It may also depend on whether it's the mother or father who is Japanese; or if they look more foreign or more Japanese. (For instance, if your father is Japanese, but your mother is foreign, you inherit his last name- therefore, this makes a lot of racial and discrimitory problems easier to avoid involving your family name.)

    And, of course, there will ALWAYS be people who don't like you for being a haffu in Japan; even if you don't know it, there will always be someone who disagrees with the fact that you're not full Japanese. It's just one of those "things".

    But, from my experience... People seem more interested in me because I'm a half Japanese.

    I get confused with being a "gaijin" a lot; I look nothing like my father (my father is Japanese; my mother is American). I mean, sure, I did get some things from my father. I got the Japanese "build" (as in, anatomy and body structure), I got semi-dark hair (I was born with black hair, but later that changed to a dark brown-ish color. But it's got really light brown highlights in it.), I got dark green eyes instead of my mom's bright green, I got the yellow-ish tint to my skin (although I am FAR more pale than most Japanese I've ever seen with naturally pale skin; this I got from my mom) but as far as my facial features go, I look more Caucasian than Japanese. I don't have the Japanese eyes, and many of the other Japanese features I DO have are mixed with my mother's Caucasian features, and therefore they're sorta "washed out".

    I've been confused for a "gaijin", but never really discrimated against- although, I'm not a foreigner. It's just my looks. I was born and raised in Japan, and I'm 14 now, still living here with my family. I'm half Japanese; I have a Japanese name and last name. I was raised like a normal Japanese girl, I go to school like a normal Japanese girl, I speak and act like a normal Japanese girl- but I don't look the part, and this leads to confusion with many people I first meet, whom assume I was adopted, or that I'm just a foreigner raised here.

    Some people don't like the fact that I am half Japanese, some think it's cool, and most either think it's interesting, or don't care. Some don't like that I don't look like my father, but many people actually compliment me on it. They like my Caucasian looks, and they think I'm cute, or pretty.

    Actually, more people find it interesting, from my experiance, than otherwise.

    However, this doesn't mean haffu never run into problems. It happens to most- if not, ALL- haffu in Japan. There will be people who don't like you, people who think it's wrong for you to be half Japanese, and not of full Japanese blood... But the people who care about you being a haffu, in a negative light, shouldn't matter to you. And the people who matter to you, won't care that you're half Japanese. That's how I look at it.

    In all honesty, I love being half Japanese. I love Japan, it's my home, it will always be my home, and it has a beautiful culture- but I'm also proud of my mother's cultures, and her heritage. I'm a part of two wonderful cultures, and I love it. I love speaking English, because it's my mother's native tongue, and I love learning about the land of her ancestors, but I also love being raised here in Japan, as a Japanese, and living as a part of my father's culture.

    If there are people who don't like me for it- and there are people who don't like haffu for being part of a culture other than Japanese- well, oh well. I'm happy, and that's all that should matter to people. Being happy, and proud of who they are. :)

    ...This was really, really long winded, but it's from my experiances. :P Just felt like sharing it, I guess. I think it answered the question, though.

    And, I forgot to answer one thing- most interracial Japanese couples don't avoid having children just because the children would be haffu. Most of these couples do NOT think this way at all. They love each other to be together despite race, and that train of though carries down to their plans to have children. :)

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    Well you see, it just depends on who you talk to right? It also depends on who you run into as well.

    There are biracial people you can see on Japanese television that are also very popular like Becky or Christel Takigawa (French dad, Japanese mom) who was a popular news anchor on Japanese TV, and now does TV commercials.

    As for "would they go out of their way not to have kids" "for any reason".

    The problem is you asked "for any reason", there are many reasons people decide not to have children that has nothing to do with race.

    If you were simply asking "would a mixed couple in Japan go out of their way to not have children because the child would be mixed", I would say the vast majority of mixed couples in Japan DO NOT think that way.

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  • 3 years ago

    Being Biracial

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  • 10 years ago

    I am ハーフ, but I grew up in England.

    In recent years the mixed look has been popular, many models in magazines are haafu. A lot of Japanese are in awe of biracial people for being "good looking" and possessing the mixed race look.

    Some children are picked on for being mixed race. I know this guy from Japan who is 1/4 white, a lot of the children picked on him as a child, even though he was predominantly Japanese.

    I know that in Japan, a lot of ハーフ kids are sent to international schools.

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    Unfortunately, it is looked down upon by most Japanese and Asians in general. Japanese are considered one of the 'superior' or best races in the Asian world. They don't even like to mix with other Asians. They are very concious about keeping thier culture and heritage. They may be okay if the person marries a white person but black people is pretty much a shame on honor and family.

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  • 10 years ago

    Interesting i don't know but i think if anybody makes this an issue he or she is just been superficial

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