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Your opinions of Charlotte North Carolina?

cost of living, jobs, weather, et.

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  • CLT787
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    1 decade ago
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    Vibrant uptown with many places to eat and sightsee. Carowinds Amusement park is 100+ acres (though both NC/SC). With the new Intimidator coaster (fastest and tallest in the region), Carowinds is the "Thrill Capital of the South East". CLT is still home to Bank of America and various other corporatations. Charlotte/Douglas International is US Airways' largest hub and is the 8th businest in the nation (30th in the world). North Mecklenburg (Lake Norman Area, Huntersvill, Cornielius, Davidson) has beautiful homes for every price range. South CLT also has nice homes. The weather is fair, almost always under a Carolina Blue sky, but it gets muggy in the summer.

    CMS (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools) is a good school district, offering both AP and IB in the majority of its schools. The Public Library is among the best in the nation, althoug it is suffering lately due to the recession. CLT's park & rec is top class with greenways, large and small praks throughout the city. Cost of living is a tad higher than in surrounding areas, but the lifestyle (urban when needed, suburban when needed, rural when needed, all within a 30 min drive in the same city even) is delightful. CLT has one of the most stable economies in the region.

    UNCC is starting to gain a reputation of having an excellent engineering program.

    My dad's a real estate agent in the area an we've lived here for years, I love the city and what it has to offer. If you'd like to get in contact with my dad:

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    Yes I agree with what's been said

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    I don't think this is feasible

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    im not sure sorry

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