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Playa Del Ingles, Gran Canaria - going for a girls holiday, any info?

Can anyone who has been to Playa Del Ingles give me some information about it? I'm going in about two weeks for a girls holiday and we don't really have a clue..

best clubs, places to eat, things to do!?

Thank youuuu

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    check yumbo centre

    and irish centre you can search info about them on google

    i was there last yr with gf and sister

    loved the place we going again this yr

    but do watch out for the afican girls on beach approach they act friendly and then try get a bracelet on wrist and charge you 20/30 euros to remove it

    so best not to shake hands with them


    enjoy you hols

    this was done at patricks bar opposit the jardin hotel


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    Wow, lucky you! Playa del Inlges is so full of different places to go and things to do, you will not lack. Aside from laying about on the fabulous beach, you could take a camel ride on the dunes of Maspalomas, it will be like riding in the Sahara desert. Keep your eyes open(or closed) for nude sunbathers in the dunes.

    Shopping is reputed to be excellent there, espcecially electronics, but you have to be careful at some of the shops. Just remember, if it sounds to be to good to be true, it is! You could do a tour of the island and visit Ingenio if you would like some traditional arts and crafts.

    As far as nightlife, there is no better place, LOTS to choose from. Since its a girls holiday, were it me, I would find a foam party one night!


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    Check out http://www.flightstograncanariaonline.com/Gran%20C... where you can see some videos about Playa Del Ingles... Looks like a cool place with a lot of FUN!

    Check it out.

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    Check out all the Irish pubs..they're fun.

    You have the "yumbo" center lots of gay bars..but fun.

    The casbar has pubs and clubs there too.

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