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I'm too hurt beyond repair. But how do I get out?

I am in an abusive relationship, confirmed. He shouts at me when he disagrees even if I am right. He tells me he has a problem, waits for my advice then acts when it's too late. I go to see him at 6-7pm but he's always "tidying the flat" when it's time to come down mine. He also changes me views to my family. Now we've met the last straw.

We were offered a flat together on Monday. We were both excited and got asked to go have a look at it on Wednesday. We went along and loved it, so when we got back we started boxing things up. Then a social worker called me Thursday to go through money and that was when it hit me. He wasn't working, he wasn't signed on, he didn't have anything. So when the agent rang up about 30 mins later I hadn't had time to think, so declined the flat.

He ripped into me, saying I hurt him and he wouldn't of minded earlier but it hurt him to leave him with his room in boxes was cruel. I managed to calm him down and tell him that we didn't realise it'd have nothing (not even carpets) and we'd now have 6 months to get stuff together for our own home. He agreed but now he's the one who's hurt me. I was up at 2am looking at homewares and pricing it all up to see what we'd need to save. He sent me a link for a hard drive on Ebay he'd bid on. Alright for now, but 30 seconds ago he wanted a fat with me, He told me he has the PC for now but alarm bells are ringing. He told me I'm being unrealistic but I KNOW your first home is costly. We were meant to get married on 3rd August 2012 but now he's telling me he wants to live- and he's put a rock on my finger!

I'e had enough now, I feel guilty about leaving him with his "room in boxes" but I'm not buying the relationship and flat. I am a disabled person on a range of benefits because I cannot work (I tried but GP put me on sick with depression in the end). He is depressed and often throws violent tempers and talks about killing himself if he lost me. We've had fun in a relationship, but one minute he wants a life with me then he's fulfilling his love for technology and i can't take anymore of this to and fro. What route do I take? I can't talk to my parents about this because they'll get accused of manipulating me. Thanks

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    1. Get out you can do better.

    2. Don't feel guilty about leaving him.

    3. See the social worker and get them to help you maybe move away.

  • 1 decade ago

    i do know what to say about that

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