Free chat sites???????

Where are some free chat rooms I can join without downloading Java?

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    If you are looking to chat with a group of people at once then your best bet is to try the Yahoo chat rooms. More about that here

    If you are mostly looking for one-on-one chat with a single person at a time you could try either Omegle or Chatroulette

    You most likely have java on your computer already. The Yahoo chat requires that you download yahoo messenger. Chat roulette and Omegle should work inside your browser without the need of additional software. If you have an iphone there's an app for Omegle. So you have quite a few options choose the one fits you best or better yet, try them all.

    Have fun.

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    these are more virtual world chat rooms. i love them because there is no download and you don't have to pay.

    the first one is i like this one the most because you can get what the people who pay for the subscription get, u just hav to work a little harder. it's fun and based around teens.

    the second one i would suggest would have to be i like this one cuz u can get the membership if u earn enough gold and it doesn't cost u real money. this one is more adult oriented.

    you can also log in to i suppose but i've never tried it.

    hope i helped a bit

  • 7 years ago is a free chat site that works on all kinds of devices from mobile phones to laptops with no download required.

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    6 years ago

    For 1 to 1 chat, you can use

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    I'm not sure but you could try this:

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    7 years ago

    Try this one :

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