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help..i need to know why he did this to me?

there was this guy(my friends bro)who rode my bus and after a couple days he would walk right next to me until ge got to the corner that split our streets in half. i think its was a week after all the talking and laughing about all the stupid stuff, he would put his arm around me which made me unsure if he liked me or something. he was really nice and sweet. one day at the corner he kept asking me for a hug. then i added him on fb and commented on one his statuses saying "im gonna be nfl running back" and i said" hows that gunna happen". i wasnt tryin to make it seem mean. but i guess that ticked him off a bit bcuz he stopped putting his arm around, he called all of the names u can think of, he hit me in the arm, he booked me and kicked my binder down the street, and one time i had this party invite that was like the cardstock paper and he took outta my hands and put it around my neck, i guess he attempting to choke me paper lol. anyways i was at my friends house with my other friend and him and his friend were there. well the whole time we were there her bro was throwin a football at my head. and it hurt. i wanted to cry because he was causing me a lot pain inside. then on the way out he was hitting me with a pool noodle and his friend was like "dude, why are so mean to her". i hated him for along time but now i kinda want him back and i wanna be friends again. so if any of you can tell me why he did this to me that would be really helpfull.

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    Why do you let a guy put his arm around you or hug him because he tells you to? If it makes you uncomfortable, don't do it.

    I'm surprised anyone would be so sensitive about a question asking him how he's going to be an NFL running back. It's an ok goal but very few amateur players get to the NFL.

    Why didn't you ask him what was wrong or why he was calling you names? why didn't you tell anyone when he hit your arm and when he put the paper around your neck? No one should be touching you like that. There is no excuse for such immature behavior.

    Then you allow your "friend's" brother to throw a football at your head??? First...that isn't a friend. Second, why aren't you telling your parents, counselor, friend's parents, etc about this? Do you realize that you could have been knocked out or developed a concussion? That is serious and nothing to be laughed at.

    Why would you want someone "back" when they never belonged to you anyway? He hurts you and now you want him back...makes no sense.

    Have you been abused at home or by someone else? Being hit is not normal. Accepting it is not normal. You deserve to be around people who are nice to you and not mean....who respect you. This person does not respect you at all. The two of you were never dating or going out....he was nice to you for a while and asked you to hug him....which I think is ridiculous. He was not a friend to you. Now he is being violent towards you. Why would you think it was ok to be hit? Please get some help, tell people, get your self esteem up and start thinking better of yourself. You are worth more than that...and no one deserves to be hit. Ever.

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    It sounds like he likes you but for some reason he does not want to and is taking it out on you,its so a guy thing.He is scared if he lets you know you will reject him and that, he just cant let happen

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    he obviously has issues. as hard as it seems, the best thing to do is move on. you would never want to put yourself into a relationship that may harm you. hope things get better, babydoll. ( :

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    if he caused you bodly pain why would you want him back.. he may do it in a relasinship to...

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    he liked you and you hurt his feelings and he is tryign to deal with it

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