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A few questions about making a NIC (or C&C) cage for rabbits?

I'm making a NIC, or C&C, cage for my future mini rex, netherland dwarf, or dwarf/english spot mix (it will be a rescue no matter the breed). I have a few questions.

1. Does it need a roof? How many grids would be too high for a rabbit to jump out?

2. For a small to medium sized rabbit (2-6 lbs), how big should it be (ex. 3x3, 4x5, ect.)?

3. What should I use as flooring for the cage bottom and lofts? The lofts will prob. be reinforced with rabbit safe wood, but what can I use to cover them? I use carefresh for my gerbil cage, but I was wondering if I can use Fleece blankets??

Thanks, even if you can only answer one or two questions it really is appreciated. Pics of your cage to use as a model would be great!


By the way, all the shelter rabbits I'm looking at are litter trained, if that helps.

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  • Kate M
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    10 years ago
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    It does need a roof. I know of rabbits who can jump a 2 panel (28") high cage. The size of the rabbit doesn't really matter. While some rabbits won't jump it, it is better to be safe and build a roof. Some rabbits can jump 4', so even 3 grids high could be jumped for some rabbits.

    Build it as big as you have space for. 2X3 would be the minimum. You can build up if you don't have space for a large cage. For a dwarf breed, you don't need to go much bigger than 3X3 or 2X4. I have a 4.5 pound rabbit in a cage than is 2X3 and 4 tall. There are 2 2X2 levels.

    Most people use chloroplast for the flooring. It is easy to cut, not too expensive and easy to clean. Some people make a wooden base and cover it with stick on tiles. It can be used for the levels too.

    Fleece is a good bedding, but you need something solid for the level and you can put the fleece on that.

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  • 10 years ago

    hi i had two rabbits who had lots of babies so i made a huge cage that let them last through snow and hot summer days if you give me you email i can send you a pic but if you don't want me to i can try to explain it its about 6 feet wide 4 feet on top 3 feet high (i'm little i can crawl in) it has a lot of hay for the ground and a hutch inside its has grid wire or what ever you call it for the bottom then in halve it goes in to a closed in area with wood floor so the can be warm (or cool) the hutch is about three feet long and two feet high and the top opens up . hope i can help and i have pics so just give me your email and i can send you what it looks like (as you can tell i'm not good at explaining) the fleece blanket wont stay there they will dig it up and push it every where

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