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Lakers vs. Heat Finals?

Assuming they both get their. Who will win? I pick Miami. Live in South Florida. I look at it this way.

In playoffs:

Wade over Kobe

Lebron over Artest

Gasol over Bosh

Better 3-point shooter:

Mike Miller over anyone on the Lakers.

Post Game:




In my opinion, it will be a great series. I think it will come down to the tempo the game is played. Thoughts?


No Wade has proved he can do it in the Playoffs. He has beaten a team in the Finals almost single handedly. Can't say the same for Kobe. Wade out plays Kobe every time they are up against each other. Wade has had better playoff numbers in the past 5 years.

Update 2:

You can't judge what you haven't seen. How do you know Miami won't be great defensively. They were great last year defensively. Clutch. Wade is pretty clutch. But I'll give the Lakers more clutch all around. Miami's bench isn't that bad.

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    PG: Fish / Blake / Sasha

    SG: Kobe / Barnes / Sasha

    SF: Ron / Barnes / Luke / Ebanks

    PF: Pau / Lamar / DC

    C: Drew / Pau / Theo


    PG: Mario Chalmers / Carlos Arroyo / ?

    SG: Wade / Mike Miller / ?

    SF: LeBron / James Jones / De'Sean Butler

    PF: Bosh / Haslem / ?

    C: Joel Anthony / Big "Z"

    PG: Lakers have a better starter, and better bench players.

    SG: Lakers have the better starter, and equal bench players.

    SF: Heat have the better starter, but we have better bench players.

    PF: Lakers have the better starter, and better bench players.

    C: Lakers have the better starter, and better bench players.

    On top of us beating them in everything except for our starting SF, we also have a better Coach, better system, better fans, better city, and players who've been to The Finals and Won Championships.

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    No. Lakers in 5. Using my brain I realize a bunch of things about that series.

    - Derek Fisher is old but he is still better then any guard Miami can get. He also plays insanely well in crunch itme,

    - Kobe Bryant is the bestoffencivev player in the game. Anybody on him and he can score. Wade is pretty much the same EXCEPT Kobe can guard Wade. Wade has always proven he cannot play man on man D. So Kobe will tear him up.

    - Artest will impose his will on Lebron. Lebron's numbers won't be as good especially with a very strong and anxious Artest D-ing up pn him. Lebron also tends to give up in close games in fourth quarters..

    - Gasol is so much better then Bosh it's not funny. Bosh is getting unnecessary money and praise because of the Miami situation. People forget when he was the man in Toronto he sucked. He was the only actually offense they had and he couldn't produce decent numbers. Bosh has paint game once so ever. He is insanely weak and doesn't really have the will of a winner to be honest. Chris Bosh has a decent jump shot. Nothing great thats for sure. This jump shot will allow him to get 20 points at most. and this is on a good night for him(Gasol on him - not talking about the season)

    Andrew Bynum is a problem. If he can stay healthy and provide a qualtily 30 minutes. He is the best offencive Center. Yes Howard is a better player but his scoring isn't very great. andrew is a great scorer and has a lot of potential he's only 23. He's only getting better him healthy and Miami not having a younger body to keep up with him will cause a lot of problems.

    Lakers will also have such a deep bench. Cavs simply won't. It will be a 3 on 9 possibly 10.. And yes i know their are 12 players at least but I'm talking players that can make a difference.

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    Wade, Kobe = a doosie, but Kobe does have the rep... to back it up but he will be a year older next year

    Not to mention this is team bball its not about who has the upper hand in a position, its about which team has an upper hand as a whole'

    you forgot,

    Bench: Lakers

    Clutch: Lakers

    Defense: Lakers

    Edit: Both Bosh and Lebron are known to flop in tight situations, and although i admit Wade is clutch, he is NOT kobe clutch

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    I think that you need to rethink "Wade over Kobe".

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    Lakers all the way

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