Any transsexual females know about height reduction surgery?

I've read about a treatment which is used with people with scoliosis to remove part of the spine and it reduces your, Does anybody know about this?

I'm 5'7 and I hate the fact that I'm tall, every girl where I live is at most 5'3 . I read somewhere that a transsexual girl reduced her height 4" when in hrt. and I've noticed a lot about it that some MTF do reduce their height when taking hormones.

Other treatment which I've read that is also used to reduce height is legs shortening surgery but I'd like to reduce my torso even though my inseam is 32" or 33" because I'd like to keep the long legs lol.

Also, would it be complicated to reduce your hands and foot size? mine are 7" long and something like 3 3/4 wide, and I'm a 8.5 or 9 women's shoe size, I read somewhere that It can be done by shortening the long bones (metacarpals and metatarsals). I'm very interested on these surgeries.

The doctor recently gave me estrogen 4 mg with anti androgens, so let's see if I'm gonna have some effect on my height and hand size.


I've got nothing to gain with lying you, a transsexual MTF told me she officialy lost 3". I've also heard about height reduction from a lot of transsexuals

Update 2:

Erica, Thanks a lot for your answer.

Yes I'm seeing a doctor and I do realize that there are some things that I can't change with hormones and that I need surgery done to change them. My problem is that where I live most girls are at most 5'3 and It really kind of suck. I just want to look normal just like them and my hands to be also small and femenine like the ones they have a my shoe size down to a 5/6 which would help me a lot.

Yeah and I don't know if psychologists would help me since It's really a thing that I've been self conscious about.

Update 3:

And really, how do you exactly feel good with your height? I really hate having this height and I hate looking at my hands thinking they look masculine also looking at my feet because they are not small and femenine as they should be. what do you do when you compare to other girls and see that you are bigger?.

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    You are being ABSURD. I would LOVE to be 5'-7". Hell, I'd love to be 5'-9". 5'-7" is a BLESSING! You are just a bit taller than average for women - 5'-4" - which will do nothing but give you advantages. My hand is a full inch longer than yours and my shoe size is 4 sizes bigger! Today, I actually saw a cisgender woman who stood eye-to-eye with me, and while it's a rare occurrence, it happens. Most models are 5'-10" or taller. I almost never see women my height.

    No doctor is going to reduce your height surgically, especially since you're well within the range of ordinary females. There is no surgery to reduce hand size, and even if some psycho surgeon were to try, the chances are almost guaranteed you'd end up losing feeling and dexterity.

    What you've "heard" are rumors. Hormones do not shorten you. You ***might*** lose a fraction of an inch when you lose upper body mass, but don't expect anything more than 1/2"

    Your size problem is all in your mind. Maybe you should be seeing a GENDER THERAPIST before you start hormones, because you've got some very distorted ideas about how you should look.


    How do you feel good with your height? Well, I'm 6'-1", and even for males that's considered tall. I love my height, especially if I'm with other tall women. Most of the time, I really don't think about it. Being taller than average has tons of advantages, whereas being shorter than average has few advantages outside of shoe size availability. Most clothing is made for average to taller women. Short women have as much trouble finding clothes that fit as do exceptionally tall women, BUT clothes always hang better on taller people. That's why runway models are so tall.

    I don't know where it is that you live, but I recommend if you can't stand being taller than other women around you, move to a city like NY or LA. There are tens of thousands of women taller than you there.

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    Height Reduction Surgery

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Any transsexual females know about height reduction surgery?

    I've read about a treatment which is used with people with scoliosis to remove part of the spine and it reduces your, Does anybody know about this?

    I'm 5'7 and I hate the fact that I'm tall, every girl where I live is at most 5'3 . I read somewhere that a transsexual girl...

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    There is no height reducing surgery. You're talking nonsense. Estrogen doesn't reverse the effects of testosterone bone growth during puberty. There is a surgery to gain height that's done by breaking the legs repeatedly and letting the bone grow in between. 5'7 is not tall, 5'8 is the shortest height allowed for female models. The average man is 5'10, but for a guy that's still pretty short. I'm all for people changing things about themselves that they don't like, or even just changing to something they prefer better. But you need to be realistic about the things you can change, and the things you can't.

    I didn't say you were lying, I am saying you are misinformed, someone lied to you.

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    I haven't heard of a height reduction surgery. There are surgeries to correct back problems but those are probably risky by themselves let alone as something cosmetic.

    If you want to make your feet smaller I guess you can do the chineese foot binding. It won't be comfortable and it will be hard to walk but your feet can be smaller. Me...I'm a trans guy. I'm 5 foot 2 and have size 9 in mens feet (women's 10.5). My inseam is 26 inches.

    Would I like to be taller? Yep. Would I like to be able to fine trousers that don't need to be altered? You betchya. Is this going to happen? Nope. It sucks but I have to live with it.

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    You think 5'7" is tall? Embrace your height!! 5'7" is just barely in the upper range of natal women. Count your blessings, hon. I'm taller than six feet and although it's been a bit difficult, most people make references to how I must have played basketball when I was younger and move on.

    Oh, BTW, there is no such thing as height reduction surgery. Anyone who says that it exists is trying to hurt you.

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    I am unaware that height reduction surgery is possible, however, I have lost three inches of height over the course of my six-year transition. I was 6'2" and I am now 5'11", and I have very good posture. I did not think that such a thing could happen, but it has. I have also one and a half shoe sizes, so I can wear 10-11 footwear.

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    You grow the height you do because of several factors; some are unchangeable- like genetics. The others connect with health, as nutrition, incidents and illnesses all have possible to decrease/ limit height, and some facets such as hormonal abnormalities may reduce or lower height potential.

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    you're being silly..

    I'm 6' and have a nice figure, most natal born women admire. Julia Childs was something like 6'3" while her sister was even taller..

    people come in all shapes and sizes 5' 7" is the average height for most women, oh and two of my step-daughters are both upwards of 6'3" and are physically larger than I am..

    so am I tall, yes.. but I’m also physical in proportion for my height, I’m in many respects considered a tall petite

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    5'7" isn't as bad as you think. I'm 5'11" and most of my GG friends are between 5'5" and 5"10, which means you'd fit right in with them. I have a couple who are even over 6'0". As for your hands, the estrogen will definitely soften up the skin which will give you hands a more feminine look.

    As for your feet, you're not as bad off as you think. I have an 11 shoe size (10 for sandals). At least you can walk into any store and buy the shoes in your size.

    You're not as bad off as you think. SRS and FFS are enough for surgery. You may not fit the "normal" profile for your area, but you are well within the normal sizes of women in general.

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