Are there some epic games like God of War that aren't as inappropriate for kids?

I wanted to get GOW 3 but I have a little brother and I think that some of the content (sexuality) is a little over his head. Also, my parents don't tolerate with that kind of stuff. Are there any games just as epic and superspecialawesome out there?

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    "epic" like long with a storyline?

    Final Fantasy(s) or Kingdom Hearts. They may be "overrated" but it's for a reason, they're actually pretty good. It's the same idea with the fights and storys, just with less blood and nudity. Also, the Mario series is good too. Or the older Spyros or a Pokemon.

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    The closest to God of War with less blood and nudity would probably be Heavenly Sword. Heavenly Sword is a PlayStation 3 exclusive titles release back in 2007 that stars a young female warrior who is on the verge of saving her clan from an evil emperor who wants the "heavenly sword", which you posses.

    It's a really fun game and takes some pointers from God of War (like any hack-n-slash action game does nowadays), but it adds some new elements that make it pretty different.

    It was rated "T" and you can pick it up for very cheap.

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    nah u gotta have the sexuality

    Source(s): gow collection and gow3, gotta love the sex lol
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