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Im a virgin but i think i am pregnant?

I am a virgin i have never done anything with a guy except kissing that is it never anything else but i haven't started my period yet my stomach is bloated i have these horrible headaches i have been very tired and i have been feeling a little sick like my stomach has been cramping bloated sick feeling PLEASE HELP and i don't want to take a pregnancy test what is wrong with me? I have been stressed out also and my wisdom teeth are coming in and im a teenager if anyone could help please do !

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    *People, the Immaculate Conception refers to Mary's being conceived without original sin. Not the Virgin Birth. Get it straight, and maybe then you can stop mocking Catholicism for a change. Every time a girl asks this, the Virgin Mary gets into it. Please. It's immature and it makes the girls feel stupid for asking, which is unkind. It's not funny or clever.*

    To the girl who asked this, you simply can't get pregnant without sexual activity, but I know, all these things can be confusing for a growing girl. No, don't use a pregnancy test. It just might be that your period is approaching for the first time, and if not, there are other reasons for your symptoms, including:

    *Dehydration leads to headaches, especially in the forehead.

    *Bloating can be due to an upcoming period, retained water from eating too much salt, constipation, gas, any number of things

    *You may just THINK you feel sick because you are worrying yourself about this. In that case, the body and mind really can play tricks on a girl. Try to relax. You are positively, absolutely not pregnant. Not a chance. Relax.

    *Wisdom teeth coming in can lead to a bunch of uncomfortable feelings, especially headaches.

    *You can be tired for any reason, such as a lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, not enough liquids, extra exercise or not enough exercise, too much time on the computer, and summer heat

    Don't use a test. You are definitely not pregnant.

    In order to really preserve your body and heart for the right man, think now about the future and preserve your virginity for marriage, when you will not have to worry needlessly about things you are not ready to handle. It's a beautiful goal, and don't let anybody tell you that you "can't" wait. Sure you can, just like you can avoid any other thing that is not good for you at this point in life. Surround yourself with the right people, do wholesome things, keep yourself busy with school, sports, hobbies, friends, and don't fool around with sexual activity. Have a good relationship with your parents and be open with them. Keep your heart pure and your body will be, too. It's worth it, I promise you that. It's not always easy, especially today, and people may criticize, but who cares? Your self-respect is more important. Your virginity is a precious gift. Save it. http://www.chastity.com/node/21

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    Look, there are a lot of people who want to make fun of you with the whole "immaculate conception" thing. Don't listen to them. If it relieves your mind to take a pregnancy test, then do it, just so you can see for yourself the "not pregnant" and you can breathe. Then, you will be able to calm down, and the symptoms may go away on their own once you aren't all worked up anymore. Stress is an amazingly powerful thing. Never underestimate it. However, if you continue to have the symptoms, don't hesitate to see a doctor. Your body is trying to tell you something. Listen to it.

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  • Honey, I want to let you know that you cannot get pregnant unless you have sex, you definitely can't get pregnant from kissing unless you are the next "virgin mary" or something. :)

    Stress can delay a period if it is late, and you could just be having symptoms of you getting ready to start your period soon. Take it easy and relax, and you do not need to buy a pregnancy test. :)

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    If you haven't been sexual yet, then you shouldn't be pregnant. You could have a medical problem so if I were you I would go to the doctors.

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    it is physically impossible for you to be pregnant. as you said, you are a teenager. its normal for you to be late/miss your period etc... could be caused by anything... stress, change in diet etc... you'll be fine. if you miss it again next month, go see the doctor.

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    You are probably about to start your period, there is no way that you are pregnant, try not to stress! just relax and everything will be okay.

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    If you are pregnant, it would be what you call an "immaculate conception" and you will be having a Jesus baby.

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    Seriously, you're going to start your period. Wow.

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    Unless God has come to (or one of his angels) you to tell you of a miracle, I would say your having food poisoning. Also you could have been raped in your sleep

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  • If you have never had sexual intercourse, you are NOT pregnant.

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