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I'm getting really sick and tired of seeing people b*tch about TNA?

and WWE for that matter. Hogan should be fired this, Bischoff should be fired that, Dixie doesn't know this, TNA should do this, WWE should do this, not that. GIVE IT A F*CKING REST ALREADY!! WTF MAKES ANY OF YOU THINK YOU KNOW THE WRESTLING BUSINESS?

Sure, we are fans (most of us more hardcore than others) and love wrestling, but this business is these peoples CAREERS. ESPECIALLY in the case of Hogan and Bischoff. They spent most of their LIVES in this industry. We know NOTHING compared to them!!!

Eric Bischoff has said countless times that the IWC doesn't know wtf its talking about and should just chill out and enjoy the show, and I couldn't agree more.

Sure I may bring things up every now and then, but you hardly EVER find me b*tching about the wrestling product. Was it better in the 90's? yes, but then again, just about everything was. People need to Get their heads out of 90's wrestling and realize this is 2010, not 1998. Its a different time and (mostly) different men and women out there performing. Its not fair to guys like Aj Styles or Samoa Joe or Randy Orton or Edge when everyone keeps comparing them to (the most overrated wrestler ever) "stonecold" steve austin and the rock.

Now, I see everyone unanimously praising paul heyman, saying he will "save TNA" like he is TNA's jesus or something lmao. What will happen if heyman comes in and TNA STILL gets mid 1. level ratings? will you say he needs the boot to?

look, all i'm saying is, if your that passionate about it and you want to help change things, do what i'm doing:

get your @ss to college, obtain a business (or if you want on the creative team, go for a journalism degree w/t emphasis in creative writing) degree, apply for an internship w/t TNA or (if they do one) WWE, IF you happen to get it, bust your @ss to make sure you stand out from other interns so YOU will be offered a permanent position and then your in. Then, you can personally contribute to the product.

That's my plan, and hopefully, it all comes together. But it's not 100% guarunteed, but then again, what is in life?

anyway. We all have opinions, and thats ok. but there is a fine line between being opinionated and just plain b*tching.


@captain emperor: I sent you a nice little email. This would be the first time i've ever sent a user an email telling them off btw. Hope you like :) lmfao.

I'll give you time to respond before I block you.

Update 2:

@ fishing line: I'm not trying to make enemies, i'm just pointing out facts and telling the truth, somebody has to say it. Obviously, most people in the section agree. I got 20 something answers, 12 stars and like 4 new fans b/c of this one question. That doesn't sound like hate at all.

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    I agree with you. But I also have to say its a free country, atleast for most people, but its the internet. It is annoying. If your tired of it, you can do one of three things. Confront it and get in a big argument, where the whole, freedom of speech comes up. Second one is ignore it. Or third, do something about it and prove them wrong. You say you want to an internship to TNA and make a difference. I applaud that and hope you succeed. Thats really all I can say.

    I agree with Rated Silent. completely. And why yes? I am a WWE mark. I just try to be unbias.

    And I'm not gonna lie, I don't hate TNA or anything, but I really hate Bischoff. I never liked him. His time in WCW, WWE, TNA. I just don't like him. His best work will always be the NWO and evil boss gimmick. But I don't like him. Maybe its that hair cut or the fact he loved the Orlando Jordan bi- gimmick. But I don't like him. He irks me. This has nothing to do with TNA, I just hate Bischoff.

    As for Hogan, I can never hate the guy because if it wasn't for him, pro-wrestling would not be where it is today. That is something I respect. Sure, he should stop, but you gotta admire the don't wanna stop attitude. In the world of pro-wrestling, its tough on the guy on the outside as he loses a lot. Hogan did lose a lot and simply wants to go back into an area he is comfortable with and that is wrestling.

    As for Paul Heyman, people need to know this. He may be one of the greatest bookies and writer ever, but he stinks when it comes to money. There is a reason ECW went down to the ground despite popularity. He might be able to make TNA better, but that would mean squat if TNA goes bankrupt. And yes. He could make it happen as he demands a lot of control. But truth be told, do we really want to see all those old storylines that Paul Heyman was famous for. Same goes for Bischoff. Like you said, time is changing and maybe it won't get the same results for back then. So unless you happen to know what millions of fans like now, you can not be an expert and know what is best.

    Am I a hypocrite for saying that? I believe so. But yeah, its doesn't matter, as Bischoff, Heyman, and Hogan don't give a crap about people's thought, And DAMN IT, I respect that.

    You know, at some point, I too wanted a career in pro-wrestling. In fact, I was like a young Chris Jericho but from Arizona. I wanted to be a pro-wrestler and a rockstar, is that NOT the american dream? I did learn to play guitar, but I can write songs and my vocal sucks. That dream died. But as a pro-wrestler, I did backyard wrestling for fun. I did it for 2 years. And I've studied mma fighting style, wing chun, judo, and even did wrestling in high school. I'm like 6 ft tall and 180 lbs. My style was blend of lucha libre, catch on catch wrestling, and Japanese wrestling. Like Jericho. And I knew about the indie scene because at 16 I worked at an actually wrestling school, cleaning equipment and stuff. I saw how they trained. Their diet. And I got to walk in a ring. So I knew how it go. Now let me just say, Arizona is the worst place to start a career as a pro-wrestler. The guys I saw train there, I've have not heard of them in any big leagues. It was that bad. But yeah. Wrestled for two years in that ring and in my friend's backyard. During those two years, I've suffered one serious injury. A fracture nose by a ladder. Yep, I can safely say, as a user, I've been in a ladder match. I had it all planned out. My theme my moves, and I was going to attend a wrestling school at 19, but then stupid nagging injuries. My doctor said to not do it. Apparently, I have a bad back, knee, shoulder, and neck. Geez, one of those is enough to end a career. Apparently, I was injury prone. And it was bad. Now, if I land on my shoulder, its get paralyzed. And being straight edge, i REFUSE to take pain killers and alcohol. So I didn't do it. I stopped. At 18. went to college. try to major in Architecture and minor in psychology. Join the wrestling section about 4 months later. And here I am today. I continue to exercise and practice moves now and then, but no. I won't be a pro-wrestler. But I'm happy. If you think pro-wrestling is tough, try being an architect. You get the same amount of sleep, but no fans are cheering for you. I really do hope that you find success.

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    The IWC will always complain because they always seem to find the littlest thing to bash about. Like they actually can run a wrestling company when in reality if they ran TNA or WWE they would see that everything is not as easy as they proclaim it to be. Hogan & Bischoff have been in the wrestling business since the 80's and yes they did make some mistakes with WCW but they still know more about the business then the IWC. Most likely, no member of the IWC can beat Vince McMahon's RAW for 84 consecutive weeks with there own wrestling company like WCW did. Now, in 2010 there aren't as many fans as there were in the 90's, UFC has took most of them and with the everly growing internet and TiVo I don't believe any wrestling company can beat RAW in the ratings. It doesn't matter if TNA pushed there homegrown talent or fired Hogan when it's all said and done they will probably still get a 1.3 rating at best. If WWE actually stopped being PG the ratings would actually decrease because of all the kids who watch WWE today and as much as I loved the Attitude Era it can never be duplicated. I may sound like a hypocrite because I sometimes wonder why Dixie hired Hogan in the first place but now I'm ok because TNA has reduced his role but still the ratings are still abysmal(pun intended). The IWC will continue to find something wrong with a promotion whether it's WWE or TNA as if they know everything about the business and have no life.

    P.S I'm going to college next year!

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    I couldn't agree with you more. Sometimes I will say a few things I disagree with about a wrestling promotion, but some people go over the top. Giving page long rants about what WWE is doing wrong, or why Hulk Hogan should be fired, or who "deserves" a push. The IWC can never just stop complaining about wrestling and just watch the show and enjoy it! WWE and TNA aren't perfect in anyone's eyes, no matter what they do they will still complain. And when someone complains about something, and then it happens they don't even seem to care! How many times have you seen someone say "Kane deserves a push, he should be world champion" then Kane finally wins the World Title, and I have barely seen anyone say anything about it, they just move onto complain about something else, like The Miz winning MITB. When The Miz was a mid-carder everyone loved him and wanted him to get a push, then he gets a push and people call him overrated and undeserving, it's ridiculous.

    And the people that spend their time bashing on TNA are pathetic. I'm fine with someone disliking a company but I don't see a reason why they have to say that it sucks, and that WWE is will always be better then TNA. If someone isn't even going to give a company a chance then just leave it alone. People say that "I tried watching TNA it sucks". They probably watched it for 1 minute and then said "this sucks". Of course your not gonna love it in the first 20 seconds. I'm sure if TNA was at WWE's Status, and someone turned a TNA fan turned on WWE for the first time in their life, they wouldn't love it in the first 30 seconds, you have to give it a chance, like I am trying to give ROH a chance. I hated watching it in the first 10 minutes because I had no idea what was going on, because I wasn't fimiliar with the company. Did I just stop watching and say "ROH Sucks" and "WWE>ROH" I kept watching, and so far, I've been loving it. People just give ignorant points as to why they thing TNA sucks, like "TNA can't even get a higher then a 1.4 rating" do you think the WWWF (which is now WWE) had a rating higher then a 3.0 in their 8th year? No Way!

    Also if users complain about WWE and TNA on here about their problems, if you don't like it don't watch it, also if those users got their hands on WWE or TNA, WWE or TNA would be f*cked. And I also agree with you about good wrestler being compared to legends. People say "John Cena sucks, he will never be as good as Hogan or The Rock" WWE isn't trying to turn him into The Rock! Vince is trying to get Cena to make money and carry this company, which he does! Like him or not Cena brings in a lot of ratings, when you look into the crowd, you see so many Cena shirts, which shows he does a good job at carrying this company. We all know that his Wrestling Abilities aren't the best (he doesn't even think he is a great wrestler) but he can get behind a crowd and there is no reason to hate the guy because he is succsesful.

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    On my profile, I say I could care less what type of wrestling it is, it's wrestling and I enjoy every bit of it. But, that is not the case with people who only watch WWE, and that's it.

    I seriously feel ya on this one and coming to this section with these biased WWE marks have made me realize that crossing the line was the best thing to do. TNA has the better wrestling overall. Hell, I even heard one user say Kurt Angle sucked because he is in TNA. To me, that is the most pathetic thing I've ever heard. Someone doesn't suck just because they are in a different promotion. There are other fans, who think, John Cena is the best wrestler of all time just because he is the biggest dog in the WWE. What's funny about that statement is that John Cena actually admits he can't wrestle. People who only bash TNA, are WWE marks who cannot accept the truth that TNA is a better company overall, it brings that better product to the table that we so badly need in the wrestling industry.

    I wish WWE marks watched TNA last night, that was one of the best episodes I've seen in a while but no, they believe the bigger company is better. Most of the wrestlers in WWE cannot wrestle anyway with the exception of Kaval and a few others that I can't think of off the top of my head. They also believe Randy Orton and John Cena are the greatest of all time. WWE marks seriously need to face the truth, and grow up.

    It's simple, they live in their own little world, and believe TNA sucks because they are too afraid of admitting that TNA is the future of the wrestling business. We all have opinions as you said, but WWE marks' opinions aren't opinions, they are biased remarks towards another company. No need to go in any more explanation.

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    My whole take on people complaining about TNA is if you don't like it hen dont watch it, if it was that bad then you would not watch it at all, I could care less about people who bash TNA every wrestling company has there flaws. It's a shame that we have to choose a side and we can't all get along and take down trolls and make the wrestling section better, but I guess that's just the way it is.

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    LOL, so you are bitching at the WS for bitching about the Wrestling Companies, LOL, now that is so funny!

    Seriously though, do you think this is going to accomplish anything, do you think this is going to get people to stop bitching, are is this just going to piss even more people off, it's not really fair to pin all your frustrations on this Section, and maybe it is true that the IWC doesn't know the business, but they know what they want to see, and they are going to be vocal about it, Don't try to make enemies on here, just enjoy this section for what it is!

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    I agree 100%. I'm tired of saying the same thing every day. EWW sheep will never watch any other company because they Vince told them so.

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    Exactly. People that hate TNA have a remote. The channels go up and they go down. Nobody's forcing you to watch TNA. I think they just want something to ***** about.

  • Oh My God! You are 100% right! Like seriously, this is the WRESTLING SECTION!!! It's not the b*tch and complain about people in the business section! The people who do it are just lazy and talk about it over the internet instead of actually doing something about it!

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    from the words of 2pac 'thats just the way it is , things will never be the same '

    even though i hate it things like this will always happen because people always complain and moan and stuff about everything

    i 100 percent agree with you

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