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♥Okay, like, what d0es it mean when a guy runs scrєaming from me while tossing bricks behind him as he runs?♥?

OMG!!! Does it mean he LIKES ME????? I think he really, really likes me!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

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    OMG, he sure does!!!! OMG!!!! You know what you should, like, do? You should TOTALLY, like, ask him out for a date and go to a themepark with him or something! And remember, you'll know it's TRUE love when you, like, chase him and he runs into those tiny little themepark bathroom huts to hide from you and you run after him, like, breaking down the hut and all the bathroom walls, standing before him as he sits on the toilet all shaking and screaming and stuff and then just lean down to grab him off the toilet seat with your mouth and shake him through the air from side to side!! ♥

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    I wouldn't worry. He probably just thinks you're some sort of Zombie or Vampire or perhaps even a target!

    It's a perfectly normal reaction to any of there things to throw things. What concerns me is that he carries bricks when he's planning to run from a zombie! Seriously you won't get much nourishment from the boys brain if he thinks heavy stuff is effective for running. Or in fact that it's normal to carry them in the event of Zombie invasion.

    Anywho, get yerself tested. Did you know you could be a zombie and not have any symptoms? Or that 1 in 10 of the population between 16 and 30 are zombies? If you start to experience a lust for brains or an impaired speed, you should get tested immediately, you wouldn't want to bite someone and accidentally make them zombies after all.

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    He is just trying to tell you to put on more weight on in his own special way. He is trying to be poetic whilst telling you, he likes his women built like a brick house. He is running away from you to show you how you make his heart run at 100mph.

    Fail Troll is fail. do not feed.

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    Good grief, what are they teaching in the schools these days? CULTURAL studies, darlin.. that is a freakin MARRIAGE proposal!

    He's showing his ability to build you a house, all the while calling you a BRICK HOUSE.. the highest form of flattery!

    Source(s): The Commodores 1977
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    1 decade ago

    are you challenged if thats you in the picture hes making a shes a monster run joke were there friends laughing near by

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    i think he really likes you and your cheesecake body so he was probably throwing bricks of lovvvvve at you next time you see him take off all of your clothes jump on the nearest tree and consider it your pole and start dancing if he does not approve begin to rub cheesecake all over your body and ask him to lick it off SLOWLY

    Source(s): past expierences we are now married for 22 years
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    Wait what? My English is not very good, but are you saying that he is juggling 10kg concrete bricks while chasing you?

  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe he just doesn't like the brick?

  • 1 decade ago

    How could any man with impaired vision not like you luv?

    He's just playing hard to get. If he didn't like you he'd be standing still and taking aim.

    Trust me on this one.

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