Notes on Facebook? Please help!?

How do notes on Facebook work? I heard that you can tag people in it.. and do you have to be asked the 'notes" on facebook or does someone have to ask you?

I know one way of doing notes though: it's just like a memo...

but what are the other ways?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Writing a note is like writing a blog. Notes can be used for various purposes. Memos, as you mentioned, is one. Poems, or writing of expression, is another. "25 Random Facts About Me", which has content that is self explanatory, hence the title, is another example of a way to use the note option. Photos can also be displayed in notes.

    Once you start using the note option, you might be interested in the format options, which is available. You can find out how to bold, italicize, underline, and do other things by clicking on the link underneath the box titled "Body".

    To tag people, you simply type their name in that little box on the top right.

    You might tag someone because they are the subject of the note, or you just want them to read it.

    Before you publish it, you can change the settings & control who can or cannot see the note.

    The only problem with that is, after doing so, those same people cannot see any of your other posts.

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    On the side, under photos or groups, it says notes. If you click on it, on the top right side, it says "+ Write a Note", if you click on it, that is the way to write a note. Then, in the note, on the right top corner, there is a box where you can write peoples names to tag them.

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