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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

Wrestling Section PPV #7 Yahoo Answers Mafia Invades?

Location: Rated Silent District (Fantasy Location)

Theme Song: I am Perfection

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(c)= Championship


Out comes Rated Silent again and he introduces his new stable "Yahoo Answers Mafia". He says "if X9 can stop him no one can stop them. We will take over the WS." Out comes WWE HD (me) and says "GET OFF MY RING BOYS!!!! You are going TOO FAR with this!!! If you don't get out I am gonna call yWa sercurity!!!!!" Out comes Dark Demon and he hits WWE HD from behind with a steel chair. The rest of the Yahoo Answers Mafia members attack WWE HD. They take him outside the arena and calls the members to "TAKE HIM to Bone County, NOW!!!. Now Rated Silent laughs while the crowd boo hims. He says "Now since he is gone I OWN THE WS!!!" Out comes the team of WS and chase the Yahoo Answers Mafia.

Match #1

2 Normal vs Moshi Man in a Singles Match

Match #2

The Radio (c) vs LARRY in a Submission Match for the WS United States Championship

Promo #2

Out come ☠♥ Punk French Girl ♥☠ and shelby.♥. Rated Silent interupts them and says "Both of you gals are going down because tonight Yahoo Answers Mafia is gonna take you DOWN!!!. Out comes "Ziggler Hates Santa Claus" and "Dark Demon".

Match #3

☠♥ Punk French Girl ♥☠(c) and shelby.♥ (c) VS Dark Demon and Ziggler Hates Santa Claus in a Falls Count Anywhere Tag Team Match

Match #4

I Love the Glamazon (c) vs edgehead (yWa leader) vs Behold the King! for the Intercontinetal Championship

Match #5

The Viper - WWEs Apex Predator vs LP23 in a Xtreme Rules Match for the X-TREAME Championship

Match #6

The Dragon (c) vs JIMMY in a Casket match for the WS Championship.

Promo #3

Luis V. makes his way to the ring but Rated Silent interrupted and said "Luis V, Do you think your gonna walk away with that title tonight? WELL GUESS WHAT? WROOOONG!!!! Because right now your gonna face me with 5 of my members. If anyone interferes during the match they will get FIIIIREEED!!!!!!!!! Luis V. gets angry. The crowd boos very loud.

Match #7

Luis V. (c) vs Rated Silent, The Bio Hazard, Wolf Pac Leader, Straight Edge Saint, and E&C Connection in a 1 vs 6 Handicap match. If anyone pins Luis V. then Rated Silent is considered the WS World Heavyweight Championship

Promo #4

Rated Silent says "if WS wants War that he would do that. So it will be a 10 vs 10 in a Tag Team Hell in a Cell Elimination Match. Winner owns the WS,"

Match #8

Team WS:



☠♥ Punk French Girl ♥☠

edge head (yWa leader)

Infamous Anderson

The Viper - WWEs Apex Predator

I Love the Glamazon

The Dragon

The Radio

Luis V.


Yahoo Answers Mafia:

Rated Silent

Ziggler Hates Santa Claus

Dark Demon

The Bio-Hazard

Undead Titan

E&C Connection

The Prince of Phenomenal

Wolf Pac Leader

Straight Edge Saint


in a 10 vs 10 in a Tag Team Hell in a Cell Elimination Match. Winner owns the WS.

Pick the winners and Name the PPV to your liking.


Whoops the link is not able to be clicked but Copy and paste to hear the song if you want to.

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Update 2:

@Rated Silent

Yes The Yahoo Answers Mafia are heels in my storyline but not in Yahoo Answers. Honestly you guys are the best group in my opinion.

Update 3:

The results are in according to your votes:

PPV Name: "Mafia InVasion"

2 Normal def. Moshi Man

The Radio def. LARRY to retain his US title.

☠♥ Punk French Girl ♥☠ and shelby.♥ and Dark Demon and Ziggler hates Santa Claus both got Counted Out. That means ☠♥ Punk French Girl ♥☠ and shelby.♥ retain their titles.

It's a tie but Behold the King got 4 thumbs up in Rated Silent answer's. So he is the new IC Champion.

The Viper - WWEs Apex Predator def. LP23 to retain his X-TREAM title.

The Dragon def. JIMMY so JIMMY would be out for a while. The Dragon is still WS Champion.

The Mafia members def. Luis V. so Rated Silent is the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.

Team WS won the 10 vs 10 Tag Team Hell in a Cell Elimination match. So team WS owns the WS.

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  • 1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer

    Match #1

    2 Normal wins

    Match #2

    The Radio retains and Wolf pac Leader comes out and states he wants his title back in the name of The Yahoo Answer Mafia. The Radio accepts. End Promo.

    Match #3

    (I've heard that shelby and Punk French Girl want to be in a feud, so this is what I think could work). Ziggler Hates Santa Claus and Dark Demon are giving shelby a beat down, and Punk French Girl runs away, thus having them lose the title. Feeling betrayed, shelby wants revenge on French Punk Girl. Thus beginning the feud. (Just a suggestion) Ziggler hates Santa Clause and Dark Demon celebrates as the new tag champs.

    Match #4

    I love The Glamazon retains!!

    Match #5

    The Viper Apex- Predator wins.

    Match #6

    The Dragon wins.

    Match #7.

    Unless Luis V can pull miracles out of his ****, its not happening. Rated Silent wins the title for the mafia.

    Match #8

    That stinks, I'm the only heel in my group. I stick out like a sore thumb. Wait. Am I A heel for cashing in MITB at PPV#5? I don't wanna sound like a jerk, but I think you assign roles like heels or faces. Just saying.

    Anyway, Now this is just me, but I would like to get in a feud with the Dragon, seeing that I cashed in on him, he beat me for the title again... etc. So I suggest the ending go like this.

    The end has sharpshooter and The Dragon left for the WS team and Rated Silent, E&C Connection, and THe Prince of Phenomenal. The Dragon is holding them all off but the the number game becomes too much. It looks like sharpshooter is about to help the Dragon, the mafia backs up to see what he is about to do. Sharpshooter simply gets out of the ring, demands the ref open the cell and let him out. The mafia ends the match by pinning The Dragon. They celebrate and leave.

    Sharpshooter returns and grabs the mic and cuts a promo.

    Sharpshooter- "Dragon, I could really care less about the mafia and the wrestling section. The only thing I want is to get back whats mine." The Dragon seems okay with it, til Rated Silent along with the Mafia comes out. Rated Silent, " Sharp, shut your mouth. You have absolutely no idea what your talking about. Perhaps you don't understand. the WS is the mafia now. Tonight, he have taken the World Heavyweight title and the tag titles. In the next PPV, we are planning to take every other gold. Now Sharp, it didn't matter if you had left or stayed in the match. The result would had still be the same with you getting the beating of a life time" The Dragon tries to explain to Sharp that now is not the time as their common enemy is the Mafia. He puts his hand up for truce. Sharpshooter slaps his hand away declining. All three have a stare down. PPV ends.

    But none the less, I believe the Mafia should win as they would be like Evolution.

    PPV: I'm Thinking "The Mob Rule" for the name. Its a great Black Sabbath song, but besides that, thats pretty much what the PPV was. The Mafia being in charge, heck, half the matches were made by them. So The Mob did Rule. That or "InVasion."

    EDIT: I agree with all the other users, This is fun. Its cool to let you imagination go crazy. Keep up the nice work.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I love that song. Thanks for putting it as the theme.

    I love your promo. It is great. LMAO Rated Silent is heel. I also like it when you metion Bone County. It's great adding places from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and fictional places.

    Match 1:

    2 Normal

    Match 2:

    Without a doubt The Radio

    This other promo is great. Punk Frenck Girl and shelby deserve to have better challenge because you always make them face some jobbers like 2 Normal

    Match 3:

    ☠♥ Punk French Girl ♥☠ and shelby.♥ wins and retain their titles

    Match 4:

    edgehead (yWa)

    Match 5:

    The Viper - WWEs Apex Predator retains his title

    Match 6:

    The Dragon retains the WS Championship

    Hey that isn't fair. Why do I have to face 6 people for my championship

    Match 7:

    Don't vote my own match but there is no way I can win.

    Match 8: This match is sick!!! I love this match. So far the best match.

    Team WS

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is cool to make a PPV featuring us!

    Votes for the matches:

    Moshi Man

    The Radio

    Dark Demon and Ziggler hates Santa Claus!

    I love the Glamazon

    The Viper-WWE's Apex Predator

    The Dragon

    Rated Silent, The Bio Hazard, Wolf Pac Leader, Straight Edge Saint, and E&C Connection

    The Yahoo Answers Mafia and then we own the wrestling section, up until the next PPV maybe.

    Its a great idea to do something like this, good idea! You are really good at booking shows and matches so keep it up. Also I love being a heel!

    Source(s): Peeps are superior!!!!
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  • 1 decade ago

    Aaw man! I lost my U.S. Title!? I thought I was the U.S Champion? I'm sure I can get it next time right though? Im demanding my rematch clause at the next ppv!!! lol

    Match 1- 2 Normal wins by pulling on the tights to pin.

    Match 2- The Radio, even though thats my title!!!!

    Match 3- Dark Demon and Ziggler Hates Santa Claus, Go Mafia!

    Match 4- Behold the King wins fair and square!

    Match 5- Anyone can beat LP23! Winner- the Viper

    Match 6- The Dragon, Jimmy dies and next comes back (Praise God!) lol

    Match 7- All the Y!A Mafia hit their finishers on Luis V, but he kicks out! Then Rated Silent finally takes him out with an Ankle Lock.

    Match 8- Y!A Mafia Pulls out the win.

    Dude, you are by far the best at these! Keep these coming. And I want my U.S. Title back D*mnit!!!!! lol

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is officially the best thing, that I have ever seen in the history of the Wrestling Section. By the way, it's not a new stable, it's just Y!A7 reinvented. I cannot believe we are heels.

    -Moshi Man

    -The Radio

    -Dark Demon

    -Behold The King!


    -The Dragon

    -Team Mafia, I Usually Don't Vote My Match, But It's A Squash

    -Team Wrestling Section After Team Mafia Walks Away From The Match

    PPV Name: "Mafia InVasion"

    It's alright, I love being a heel, it's the best thing you can possibly be in the wrestling industry. By the way, thanks, for saying we are the best group, it means a lot since there is about a dozen groups now, but we were the original who had a certain number of individuals.

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  • 1 decade ago

    at the end of the main event. A very familiar theme hits, and the fans are on their feet.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Out on the entrance way comes non other than Big Ran!!!! He comes out to inform everyone in the wrestling section that Y!A WS is being the Y!A WS nWo!!!

    He tells the Y!A mafia that they don't own squat. he tells them that the nWo is runnin things in this town brother!!!

    Big Ran says at the next PPV, the nWo will be there...and they will make their presence known!!!

    He warns rated silent specifically and tells him that he's lookin for gold: His gold!!

    Y!A WS nWo members

    Big Ran: Y!A WS nWo Leader

    I caught CM Punk Drinking a Beer (nWo)

    Sting (nWo)

    Buff Bagwell (nWo)

    Shaun Cold (nWo)

    Notorious 187 (nWo)

    Bad *** Viper king KJ3 (nWo)

    VFD (nWo)

    nWo Chad Stimus

    Rated R enigma (nWo)

    (I know more people said they wanted in, but these are the only confirmed members b/c they were the only one's to put nWo by their name. If ya don't wear the badge, ya aint nWo brother!!! so if anyone else wants to join the Y!A WS nWo, put nWo in your user name.)

    The whole point of this answer is b/c i'd love to see you turn this answer into an nWo souled out or invasion type PPV. We could even have a representative (The leaders would be best bet) of each group in the section square off against one another. It could be alot of fun. Your awesome w/t these matchups man, keep up the good work!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    LOL I LOVE IT <3<3 thats so sick

    OH NO DARK DEMON i hope wer not gonna lose


    idk them!!


    the radio


    me and shelby

    i never knew rated silent was heel!? lol




    the viper


    the dragon


    i don get it LOL luis lol



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  • 1 decade ago

    1. 2 Normal

    2. The Radio

    3. Punk French Girl && Shelby. (Please vote us!) :D

    4. Behold the King!

    5. The Viper - WWEs Apex Predator

    6. The Dragon

    7. Rated Silent

    8. TEAM WS!! (Please vote "WS!") :D

    Love this!

    Once again, you make an outstanding PPV :)

    Please keep me & Punk French Girl involved. x]

    Star for You!!


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  • 1 decade ago

    2 normal

    the radio

    punk french girl and shelby

    I love the glamazon

    the viper-wwe apex

    the dragon

    the ws

    answer mine please;_ylt=Av...

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