guild wars please help!?

Should i download guild wars original,please read details?

im really bored! but i have a few questions. i have a windows 7 computer it says it has 256GB left of memory and i want to know if guild wars installs with a uninstaller and if not how do i completely delete it from my computer as if it were never on it when im done with the 10 day trial? i don't like downloading games or anything unless i know ill play it forever and well im not this time. so first is it worth it? and is there any games that i could play online without downloading that are just as good?

its a dell vostro 220

could my computer handle it with ease

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    I have all 4 Guild Wars games and you can easily completely uninstall them from the Control Panel's 'Add/Remove Program' option.

    As I mentioned, I have all 4 Guild Wars games and I have over 120 hours of gameplay on it and I haven't even completed any storylines! The community of Guild Wars is huge, with guilds and alliances to group the community up, the PvP is amazing with Kurzick/Luxon alliance battles, GvG (Guild vs Guild) battles and many more, people are very friendly, there are LOADS of quests, the graphics are really nice, the game allows you to partner up with other people to take on the storyline, there are 8 (or 10) professions overall and 6 core professions with LOADS of skills each, you can secondary profession your character to delve into the majority of another profession, and the clincher for me is this: the level cap. Usually on games, the level cap is 80+, but on Guild Wars it is only level 20. You may be thinking why is this good, it is good because at level 20 (easily achieveable), you must use your skills effectively in order to do well, so you can't just over-level to get a win. This is especially seen in the PvP as this balance throughout PvP is what makes the PvP great.

    I don't believe that there are any online games without downloads as most of these will be just single player games and won't last long enough to get hooked on and play for AGES, so the best bet is to try online games which require downloads. With downloads, MapleStory, S4 League and Dragonica are all nice games so try them out if you wish. A game without downloads that is multiplayer is RuneScape but that requires a Java download so if you don't mind a small download, try it out.

    FINAL THING AND IT IS IMPORTANT: GUILD WARS 2 IS OUT SOON, so you can either wait for the release in a few months, or, what I suggest is buy the cheapest Guild Wars game you can (except Eye of the North as that is an expansion so either Prophecies, Factions or Nightfall) find in your nearest store and play it and see what you think!

    Source(s): Own all 4 Guild Wars games at the moment (Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall and Eye of the North) with over 120 hours of gameplay on it.
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