my husband lives in tx. and i live in ks. how do i find out if he is using my name and my daughters to get mor?

my husband lives in tx. and i need help to fined out if he is using my daughter and my name to get more do i fined out if he is?


ps he dose not have a landline so i can not call him da.

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    I live in TX. Contact the Health and Human Services Department.

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    Do a credit check on yourself and your daughter..You need to check Equifax,Experian,and TransUnion. See what all pops up..if there are credit cards that are not yours or applications put in that you didn't do then someone is using her info . IF you find stuff you will need to make a police report then contact each credit card Company and alert the fraud department. below are links you can use.

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    Do you mean identity theft? Like using their social security numbers? Go to and sign up for the service for you and your daughters. It will notify you if someone is applying for loans with your numbers.

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    Get your credit report.

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    He's you husband? Then CALL him... duh.

    BTW, your question makes no sense at all.

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    you don't want to be dressed as a pirate!

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