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I think about killing myself every night.?

Every single night. I don’t stop on the act itself, just the thought of dying. Of not existing anymore. It’s only at night. Some nights are worse than others. During the day I’m fine. But once the lights go out my mind is a nightmare. But I’m scared. I’m scared that I’ll start to think about killing myself during the day, and that it’ll eventually take up all my thoughts. I don’t want to die. I just don’t want to live. I don’t want to think, or breathe, or move, or talk, or exist. I wish I had never existed. I don’t contribute anything to anyone. I don’t understand why people like me. If I died, within the year I’d be gone from most people’s minds. Within the month maybe.

Life just seems pointless to me. We all die and are forgotten. There is no God, or an afterlife, we're just organisms going through the motions. I have nothing to live for, because goals and relationships are pointless - we all die anyway and then none of it matters.

I don't know how much longer I can stand this state of mind, it's been like this for months now. I'm a 16 year old girl and I'm known as a the kind of "cool/laid-back, funny" kid. I don't want to burden people I know with my that's where this comes in.

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    DEAR FRIEND Everyone considers suicide at some point in their lives. Everyone! Anybody who says they never have, not even for a fleeting moment, is lying. That makes what you're feeling completely normal. It's a part of life. I would even say that you've never really truly lived until you've confronted death in its face. Suicide is death.

    Call a friend and just talk to them for a few minutes. You don't have to tell them the real reason you're calling, but sometimes just hearing that familiar voice can help. If you'd rather talk to someone anonymously (which is often easier for most people), consider calling your city's emergency line.

    Also NEVER let your life be governed by (or ended by) feelings.i say that from experience :-O In fact, you should NEVER make decisions solely based on feelings. Your feelings should follow your decisions - and NOT the other way around.

    So, stop, take a breath, count to 1,000 if you have to, but get a firm grip on your feelings. Do that so that you can think clearly about your life and situation. If you are unable to get a handle on your feelings or to get on top of your emotions, then you may be suffering from depression. In that case, see a doctor.

    dear friend life is fool of surprises i am 27 years old i although i have made a million mistakes during my life not even for one minute i have regrettedd i got this far. hope i helped you.

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    OK, death is a permanent solution to a temporary situation. I will wonder everyday if you are alright. I too have been through this. The problem with suicide is that YOU never know who exactly it is that you'll leave hurting. I believe that everybody is loved by somebody. You need to call the crisis center where you live. Or try a guidance counselor. I really think you need to speak to a professional. This could just be an imbalance in the brain. A couple weeks of meds and you'll be wondering what the big deal was. You don't want to die if there is a cure for this. Get help , get better, and live a long and happy life. It can be done, I am the proof.

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    Peabs, you are depressed and that can lead someone to suicidal thoughts. You are valuable and your life is a gift, I believe in God and had 16 too, it is important to have faith and hope otherwise life is just meaningless, you can enjoy your own family someday or take a trip to a different nation and see things you would have never do. The lack of reasons to live start with too many things you take for granted, if you would not have eyes or hands definitely they would be a treasure you would think at night, dreaming of having those things. Be thankful The Lord have gave you a lot make the peaces, pray and ask for forgiveness. I believe in you I'm certain you are valuable not a burden, it is ok to feel so sad when something is wrong, remember plenty is just glorious. Keep on living and put that smile on you.

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    YOu said 'I dont want to die' I just dont want to live'.........and that , i think is what it is with most people except it might be better phrased that 'I dont know HOW to live'

    You seem to have no confidence to live, so you dwell on the easy feelings of depression and all the negative.

    Real life is an art form. It is aquired skills , it is service to others in some way, it is life purpose.....most of all lit is fun., happy and joyous.

    People muck up life, for themselves and others.

    I think you need several things, one is a good hormone check up.

    A diet , going over it completely, and make sure you have no food, chemical or other allergies, and are eating right. even a simple vitamin deficiency can make a person feel depressed.

    If you think and feel this way before bed , then your dreams and sleep arent any good either. People should think happy thoughts before bed.

    You need some help and guidance in how to deal with life and how to get what you want out of to create your best life.

    That is all you need.

    YOu can find mentors, therapy, guidance, and all kinds of ways to build up your way of coping confidenly with life.

    If we are as you say , then this may be all you have , and your only chance.

    Bring a lot of happy into your life and begin to enjoy it and love yourself. click on get started free.

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    Especially since there's no God and no afterlife, that makes our time here even more precious. What you should focus on is maximizing your lifetime integral of happiness, and improving the lives of those around you. How you do this is deeply personal, but I've come to believe that all the best things in life involve acts of creation- art, love, philanthropy, etc.

    Everyone has a creative spark within. And your death would affect people not for mere months, but for their entire lifetimes. The death of a loved one is not something that can be forgotten. It does not 'wear off'. So pull through.

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    I'm sorry this has been happing to you. But you can't die. Nothing in this god forsaken world can ever be bad enough to cause death. Things can only be as bad as u make them. Maybe, U need to seek mental heath help. Councilers can help u though this. Please listen to me. Think of things to look forward to, like family gatherings or sports rallies. I'm sure u are a lovely young woman and the world would be horrible without you.

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    It sounds like you may suffer from depression, which is treatable. Please talk to a friend or relative about how you are feeling so that they can assist you in getting help. With depression, it is normal to feel guilty, like you would be bothering someone to ask them for help. The truth is,your friends and relatives will be glad you trust them with your feelings. The only thing that would bother them is for them to lose you and wonder if they could have done something to prevent it. I am including a link for you in the source window.

  • if you dont have anything to live for, find something that drives you, something you love to do. Also, when you are feeling suicidal music really helps.

    do not ever let anybody call you "emo". that is a music genre

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    well go to a christian church before u do this or not..we all have our divine purpose in life so takin ur life away is no good....also check ur house's history because maybe ur house is haunted and maybe some evil spirts are in you and making u think this.

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