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Magic asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 10 years ago

I need some help finding some court cases?

Topic: Discuss the concepts of original intent and flexible interpretation as it pertains to the interpretation of the constitution to legal controversies. Do you believe that one approach is more useful than the other? Explain the usefulness of each approach. Pick two justices, one sitting, one former. One that exemplifies original intent and one for flexible interpretation, then find at least 2 court cases that further illustrates these varying points of view. Give background info and other info on these cases and how these justices exercised their philosophies.

Problem: I'm having trouble finding sources pertaining to this topic and I also can't find any good court cases either.

What I did so far is explaining the two concepts and now I'm trying to explain the usefulness. It's hard to find sources and I really need desperate help on finding a good court case.

1 Answer

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