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political asylum to Canada???

can an US Citizen ask for political asylum to Canada

because he doesn't believe in US politics ???????


yes I'm subject of any kind of racism and discrimination even I'm Naturalized US Citizen

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  • Fred S
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    You can ask for it. Almost anyone can ask for political asylum in Canada (except for Canadians), but the burden of proof is on you to show that you qualify which is doubtful.

    You might have a problem with the Safe Third Country Agreement. If you enter Canada at a land border from the United States, you will not be able to claim refugee protection in Canada. Sometimes there are exceptions (such as those who already have family in Canada).

    As with anything else in life that a person "asks for," the person or entity being asked is the one who decides the answer. Canada offers refugee protection to people in Canada who fear persecution and are unwilling or unable to return to their home country.

    You can ask for asylum if you are are unwilling to return to the U.S. because of a well-founded fear of persecution based on:

    * race

    * religion

    * political opinion

    * nationality or

    * membership in a particular social group, such as women or people of a particular sexual orientation.

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    Political Asylum In Canada

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    political asylum to Canada???

    can an US Citizen ask for political asylum to Canada

    because he doesn't believe in US politics ???????

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    I tried and failed, and was badly treated. I was nabbed by CBSA at Pearson Airport, then misinformed of my rights and procedures. I decided to go back to the U.S., but CBSA decided to detain me over a "criminal" background. Actually, I'd been framed for a fake charge in the U.S. for having testified against a bad judge, who then retaliated in various ways to ruin my life. But CBSA didn't want any facts or evidence, and they threw me in a horrible dungeon called Metro Toronto West Detention Center, which was overcrowded and barbaric, although it fed us well. They will hold almost everybody without bail and put you through hell. They'll explain that PM Harper wants foreigners expelled. My experience was horrible, and a sleazy Ontario lawyer robbed me of $600. My luggage and wallet mysteriously disappeared from the jail upon my deportation. I can't believe Canada could be so brutal, and I'd been a frequent tourist visitor since 1982. They roughed me up in 2013. Don't go there; you won't win.

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  • Sandra
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    4 years ago

    I am living in Peshawar - Khyber pukhtoonkhwa, Pakistan in security sensitive area. Now a days i am very tense due to the situation in Peshawar - KP. blasts other terrorist activities carried out around us every day. My question is can i get asylum to Canada with my family? if answer is yes than what is the procedure? I have also got the visit visa of U.S.A

    • Jared C.3 years agoReport

      I wouldn't come here (the U.S.). We might have President Trump this fall and he hates everyone that isn't a white male like me.

      Hence, why I'm here.....trying to see if I can get Canadian political asylum if/when Trump becomes President. Doesn't hurt to be proactive!

  • 5 years ago

    I am journalist writing article in different newspaper can a apply for political asylum

  • 6 years ago

    i don't feel safe in my home country Pakistan, due to my religious background. can i get an asylum to Canada?

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    can an US Citizen ask for political asylum to Canada??

    NO NO NO

    refugees from 5 countries are currently exempt from the safe third country rule (if you land in USA first you apply in USA). Those exempt countries are Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Iraq and Zimbabwe.

  • 5 years ago

    I want political asylum in Canada due to threats ...any one tell me how I will get it ...and on what basis or requirements ...plz plz inform me mail I.d is

  • 6 years ago

    I know someone who was homeless because he was not eligible to drive or have a passport, and had all his professional licenses revoked because he was behind on some child support arrears. He told me he was on his to the border asking for assylum, I hope he got, **** america

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