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? asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 10 years ago

Can a drug counselor disclose info to new employer?

I am a recovering addict, clean and sober for 2 yrs. Got new job 3 wks ago, drug free environment everything going great. My counselor called new job to ask how everything was, I had seen him the day before and had discussed this with him that it was all good. I said to him dont call me here, you have my cell number, dont put my job in jeapordy. I went to lunch when i got back my employer called me in and said charlie my counselor had called back and said i seemed angry and he might want to watch me. He fired me on the spot. said I had too much on my plate.I passed my physical and my pee test and have been in the program 2 could the counselor make that 2nd call and get me fired?? I called the counselor and told him and he sd he would call my employer but its i have any recourse ? Isnt this a violation of my privacy? What should I do>


Thank you all for your answers. It took me so long to find a good job. This is a voluntary program the law and courts are not involved in anyway. I did not EVER threaten anyone, not in my nature. Ive been clean for 2 yrs in this program, absolutely compliant . It is private pay and cost about $1000.00 a month. My parents pay for it. I am so lucky they didnt just dump me and now this.

Update 2:

The counselling program did not get me the job. I got it from newspaper add

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  • 10 years ago
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    Damn it!! That counselor had no right to interfere with your job. How dare he? First, I would write a formal complaint to the counselor's boss and see how they handle your case. I would insist on disciplinary action against this counselor. I would strongly request to have a different counselor assigned to you because the trust has been broken and he is not working in good faith toward your recovery and re-entry into a drug free lifestyle. You no longer have a symbiotic relationship.

    This set back may seem devastating at this time, but with every thing that happens in life, there is some reason this happened that may not be clear at this time.

    Do not allow this incident to set you back. Use it to strengthen your resolve to live a clean life. Handle this with your head, not your emotions. You have been through worse than this and you will persevere.

    Sit down and keep records. Record times and dates and conversations. Keep accurate records and stick to the facts. I would pursue this to no end. How that counselor could sabotage your job and the hard work that has brought you to this point is unconscionable.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Were you sent to a counselor via the courts or did you go on your own? Was the counselor/agency involved in helping you get the job? Either way it seems that the counselor broke confidentiality. This is a violation of the counselor/client relationship. You do have recourse. You need to report the violation. If he is licensed there is a licensing board that you would file the complaint with. He really shouldn't have called you at work to begin with as that is a boundary issues and displays poor boundaries on his part. Also, he divulged information to a third party without your consent and that is a big no no. He could lose his license over it. However, if you threatened someone he has a duty to protect and legally has to break confidentiality in those cases.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    There has to be more to this story because the counselor was WAY out of line based on just the facts you state here.

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