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Is it technically possible to put an automatic weapon on "silence mode"; with a specific tool or option? How?

I mean, those automatic pistols that we always see in movies, with those mexican and colombian narcotrafficants?

Is it possible?

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    Hi, Allan D...first of all, there is no suppressor that will COMPLETELY eliminate the noise of a firing gun...NONE!

    Now when you say "automatic", it means a firearm that will continue to fire until (1) all bullets have been expended, and (2) until you release your trigger finger from the trigger. This is illegal for civilians, and is mostly use by military and law enforcement. What you most probably meant is a semi-automatic gun which can fire everytime you press the trigger, and reloads a new bullet into the chamber (automatically) without you having to rotate the bolt (like in bolt action rifles). This is perfectly legal in most jurisdictions.

    Just clearing the terminology before we go on to avoid confusion. There are many many types of gun suppressors. But to answer your question...Baffles in suppressors can last for a number of firings. It is technically possible to use a 'silencer on an automatic weapon. When firing, bullets emit gas and heat, and this erodes the baffles, causing wear...and causes failure of the 'silencer', There are steel supressors made of high temp alloy baffles that can endure long periods of full-automatic fire...but these are very expensive and out of reach of ordinary civilians. These quality rifle suppressors have been claimed to have a service life of more than 20,000 rounds. It is good to consider also that in some powerful rounds, supersonic speeds are attained by bullets, and a small sonic boom can be heard. To reduce this unwanted noise, military and police units use suppressors but this reduces the effective range of bullets, but this can be acceptable for some situations where absolute minimum amount of noise is required. At sea level, at a temperature of 21 celsius, the speed of sound is about 1140 feet per second (347 m/s). Merely reducing the power of the poweder or propellant in a cartridge to emit less noise will slow a bullet, which inturn would lead to less stopping power. So special bullets are manufactured specifically to maximize the energy available when used with a suppressor. In other words, there are special bullets that must be used in order to tune in with the particular silencer one is about to use for that particular firearm.

    Suppressors are mostly illegal in many countries of Europe. There are exceptions of course, but I don't know in what country you reside. For example in Sweden, Norway (provided they have a firearms license), it is perfectly legal... for hunting purposes. A license is required, but is normally always granted. Not so in other European countries...and in some it is banned and illegal to have. In the USA, it can be legalized provided a user goes thru an application with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF). They require a tax payment of some $200 and a very tough criminal background check.

    Here is a good link to check: It is a good source for the types of suppressors on different weapons, plus books and how to...

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    There's no gun that is perfectly silent, but the noise of most guns can be reduced. To do this, a tool called a suppressor can be used. Many people get annoyed when others call it a silencer because it doesn't silence the gun, but suppresses the noise of the gun. I have absolutely no idea how they work.

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    Yes, they do exist, they're called "suppressor".

    There are suppressors for all kinds of guns, from airguns to pistols to automatic weapons. Some you can attach and detach (take off again), some are mounted on permanent.

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    Yes, you can buy silencers for a lot of automatic weapons, however some weapons are just so noisy, you would need a customized silencer.

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