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KoKo asked in 政治及管治法律及道德 · 1 decade ago

申請greed card一問(時間)/

我將會係2011年6月就 讀完個higher diploma in accounting 既課程...

我成家都係香港..而我grandmother同grandfather就係US住左廿幾年..我姑媽個d都過哂us..我表哥依家係us到讀緊大學..佢話拎左greed card之後, 讀大學可能申請資助,,



1. 我過左去..要申請幾耐先有greed card?

2. 如果1年內..咁我係咪要stay係us足一年先得?.我可唔可以飛過去申請...之後係hk完成埋個high dip先去..? 因為我表哥話個邊既大學一年要成40~50萬HKD..未計生活費...屋企人俾唔起...

3. 如果一年之後先apply我申請..我去us讀一年high school先係咪會好d? ( 表哥話highschool唔洗錢....)

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  • Gary
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    1 decade ago
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    1. Regardless who sponsor you, you are aged out when you are 21 years old. You will be excluded by then. So in most of the cases, you won't make it with your family.

    Just in case, if you are not subject to age out, then the whole process takes about 1 years to finish.

    And it will be best if you can process in Hong Kong (as the procedure is easier).

    2. How long you want to stay is up to you. But remember, if you leave the U.S. too long (like more than 6 months; or up to 2 years with approval), the U.S. can legally challenge your immigration intention and revoke your residency.

    In average it costs an international student about HKD$312,000 (with living expense) for studying in the U.S. For resident, the cost is just about HKD$156,000 (without living expense). So I think your cousin overspeak a little bit.

    Financial aids are available to residents based on need. So if your need is determined, options are available to you.

    3. At the moment, I suggest not to trust your cousin. Regardless, if you almost finish your higher diploma, what's the point that you are going back to study Form 5 and 6?

    2010-07-26 22:45:28 補充:

    Yes. You are correct.

  • 1 decade ago

    1. 我過左去..要申請幾耐先有greed card?

    In your case, you cannot apply immigration to US directly. Your uncle/Aunt must apply for your parent then you stick to their application.

    This belong to a F-4 application which take anything frojm 11-12 years for the application to come thru.

    Depend on when did your uncle/aunt apply for the application, say if they apply today, the application will come thru at about 2021-2022.

    And if you are over 21 years old, you are excluded from the application, so this could be a problem for you as you are finishing Higher Diploma next year, meaning you must be 18, 19 or 20 years old.

    2. 如果1年內..咁我係咪要stay係us足一年先得?.我可唔可以飛過去申請...之後係hk完成埋個high dip先去..? 因為我表哥話個邊既大學一年要成40~50萬HKD..未計生活費...屋企人俾唔起...

    Look, if you cannot pay for 400 Grand HKD a year to study in US, then i suggest that you should not study in US at all, unless you got all A's in your HKAL/HKCE, otherwise you will not get financial aid from Federal Government and and state government.

    Althoght it's cheaper for a local student, it's only half price, so when you put living expense together, you will still need 300,000- 400,000 HKD (40.000- 50,000 USD per year) to study and live.

    3. 如果一年之後先apply我申請..我去us讀一年high school先係咪會好d? ( 表哥話highschool唔洗錢....)

    You cannot study in Public High School system when you are over 18 years of age.

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