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Psych Multiple Choice Question...please help? :/?

Hey could you please help me with this multiple choice question (for developmental psychology)

Im confused about two of the answers below, A or D, and think it's either one but not sure? Please help and Explain if you can! thanks...

5.Stan was a victim of childhood abuse as a young boy, but he did not grow up to become an abuser. Instead, he leads a fulfilling family life. This is an example of which characteristic of development?

a. change

b. stability

c. maturation

d. continuity

I'm not sure whether the answer is A. change OR d.continuity. I wasnt even going to pick D until I read that continuty means:gradual,cumulative change.

So that's why I'm confused for which answer it could be. arent they almost the same? any help please? thanks, and if you are able to provide EXPLAIN why so I can understand..or at least a link or something? THANKS!

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    That's not what continuity means, actually. Continuity comes from the same root as "continue", which is the opposite of change. The dictionary gives: "the fact of staying the same, of being consistent throughout, or of not stopping or being interrupted." And my thesaurus gives "stability" (your choice B) as a synonym.

    The answer is

    a.) Change

    I'm not sure where you picked up the other definition, but my dictionary and I disagree with it. And dictionaries aren't wrong very often. I copied and pasted, so that's exactly what it said.

    Now that the definitions are cleared up, I assume you no longer need explanation for *why* it is choice 'a'. It's change because typical development would lead an abused child to become an abuser, and he deviated from the path expected of him. Cheers.

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