Story Idea's and names?

I'm thinking about writing a story..

But I need story topics, and names..

and some settings.

My story is either going to take place in like the 1900's,, or present time.

I need a mysterious kind of problem in the story,

that I can clear up in the end.

Thanks if you can help<3


All I said was Ideas.

I already have half of what I

f u c k i n g

asked for you

p r i c k s.

so stfu. and stop telling me that you'll ******* write the whole d a m n thing.


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    1 decade ago
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    Hmm weird ha ha I am just starting a story that takes place around that era. One story I remember I came up with I started writing as a play but I can of pushed to the side so here is the plot line I kind of used.

    I started it out in England at the beginning of WWI. A young man named Peter is going off to war and is leaving behind his family and his twin sister Clara. While they are very close, Clara is hurt that Peter is going off to war however believes that he will return to their family. After a few months, the family receives a letter that Peter was captured in battle and is believed to be dead. However as time goes on they receive yet another letter that Peter has been rescued and is now in England at a private hospital in the country side. Deciding to go to her brother, Clara leaves and arrives at the hospital to find that Peter is paralysed from the waist down. While his mental state is still there the doctors believe they can make him walk again with the proper help. Deciding to stay at the hospital with her brother, Clara wants to help Peter recover.

    While at the hospital, Clara hears at night screams in another language and always hears the nurses running down the hall. One night when this occurs Clara sneaks out and follows the nurses to a bedchamber of a man. Seeing the man screaming out, she sees the nurses have chained the man's wrists and ankles to the bed. Catching her, she is escorted back to her bed however the next day she ventures into the chamber to see the man is sleeping in his bed. Venturing in, she sees the man has long hair and appears like a "wild man". Waking up while she is there, he frightens her as he does not speak English. Frightened by this man as he approaches her she runs from the chamber.

    Asking questions about this man, she learns that he was found with Peter in a prison camp only able to speak Russian and that he calls himself "Erik". That is all I have so far so really the problem could be that Clara tries to understand this man as she tries to teach him English and learn about him. In the mean time, Clara is trying to learn about herself as she feels pressure from her grandmother and mother to marry well rather then peruse her dream of becoming a painter or something like that. I hope you like this

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sure, I'll just write the entire book for you and have you put your name on it...

    The reality of the literature world is self-taught and you can't learn if you're asking people to use "their" creativity for "you". Try to find some inspiration instead of taking the lazy route and asking people to do it for you.

    I don't mean to come off rude but a good story is a story all-your-own. This means no asking "I need an idea", "I need a scene", and "I need a character".

    No one can give you something to completely suit your needs. It seems as if you already have something in mind so try to stretch that into a plot.

    Never take the lazy way out by asking people to do the work for you. If you take your writing seriously and if it gets you somewhere in life, your reputation will be flushed down the toilet when people see you asking for story ideas. The headline for the article you'll show up on is "No creativity of their own! Sales plummet!"

    Build your reputation off of hard work and personal creativity. Pushing your imagination to work will only strengthen it where as asking will leave it a dormant and blank space.

    I didn't intend to sound rude but please 'try'.


    Note: Giving is as bad as asking- for the person who just handed over their work to a stranger.


    Source(s): Fantasy and Horror writer
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  • Jessy
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    1 decade ago

    Think for yourself. Sorry hun, nobody's going to give you a pre-made story idea with characters. Us writers work months and years just to develop the perfect story plot and characters.

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