How hot is too hot for outdoor sports?

I play soccer and right now its about 100 degrees. I've got practice tonight in about an hour. Is 100 degrees too hot for practice?

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    One of the people in a sports team I captain is going to South Africa in two weeks to run in a marathon.

    He did one there two months ago as well, running 26 miles in 110 degrees, and he's run three in Dubai at 115degrees F, 46 degrees C.

    From the 160+ marathons he's run, more than 30 have been in tropical heat.

    Dubai football clubs regularly train and play matches in 110 degree dry dusty heat and Malaysian cycle clubs race in 100 degree heavy humid heat that some people couldn't walk a mile in.

    If you drink enough and you can handle it you can train.

    If it gets too much then pack up, but giving up before you start is not the stuff of champions.

    Take care.....but turn up for training if you want to stay in the good books.

    It shows willing then, not skiving out of it. Captains look for that sort of thing.

    If you start, you tried. If you don't start , you gave up too early.

    Have fun.

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  • 1 decade ago

    when you passout and get heatstroke

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