Obama's to vaction in Florida this August.How many vactions does that make this year now?

Of course we all know he picked Florida this time to try to look like he cares and get a few votes.



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    He just finished watching a Broadway play at the White House this past week. Oh he works so hard doesn't he?

    What did he say? "My administration will not rest until every American, who is able and ready and willing work, can find a job."


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    Oh his ADMINISTRATION....I see. Not necessarily him. The great Obama everyone! The Great Obama! Only forward no backwards! No downs only ups!

    John S.: WRONG. Even CNN reported that Obama has played more golf than Bush did. And he's "only been there 18 months"! You drone.


    Ms. Minerva: Yes, destroying the country is hard work isn't it?

  • 1 decade ago

    Over 60% of Americans are taking no vacation this year, which will be another blow to the economy. Setting an example to Americans that taking a vacation is important during these economic times, even if the vacation is camping in a national forest, is an important role for the president to set. Simply saying "go spend money" as President Bush did in the days after 9-11 does not make a point like actions do.

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    As far as I am concerned, he can take some more vacation....he is still on call 24/7.

    For the amount of work he has accomplished so far, he hasn't taken nearly enough vacation.

    I live in the Southern part of the USA...and the people on the Gulf Coast have been asking everyone to come and vacation there. People have been cancelling trips to the Gulf Coast all summer...even the areas with no oil....and those folks are just desperate.

    I think it is a good thing for him to go down there .....and also thought it was good to visit the National Parks.

    More americans need to spend vacation dollars in the USA....instead of spending them overseas....he is setting a good example and hope he continues doing so.

    Hey....he's a politician.....so have to agree with you that picking up a few votes has to be on his mind....I mean, why not? I would, wouldn't you?

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    ha lefties are gonna make up number as to how many bush went on by this time..

    hey lefties when is YOUR messiah Obama bringing the TROOPS home like he promised..

    WHERE is your protest on the war now? HOW come your not at his home Protesting the war all those troops he brought to Afaganastan..

    hello knock knock...These are the democratic years...you all should be bathing is gold and kissing your messiahs ***..after all he has saved the world so far..

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  • JOE
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    1 decade ago

    Work 24/7 even on vacation can't say I would like that man with the brief case following me everywhere I go

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    According to confidential sources a hit team of pelicans and dolphins are planning to whack the Obamas if they come to Florida. One pelican who asked to remain anonymous stated that they are angry over all the dead kinfolk in the gulf region. Secret Service is investigating and may bring birdguns with htem that trip. Stay tuned to me for all the news all the time.


  • 1 decade ago

    George W. Bush's total after 18 months in office was 120 vacation days.

    President Obama has spent some or all of 65 days on vacation after his 18 months in office.

    The 3 he took since the oil spill were:

    3 day weekend Mount Desert Island Maine

    4 day weekend in Chicago, Ill on Memorial Day weekend at home.

    3 day weekend in Asheville, NC in April

    So you people are crying about 4 extra days during that period.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Every day is vacation day for Obama, When has he ever worked a day?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Last time he had a weekend out of the white house, you whined "why won't he go to Florida and bolster their tourist industry?", this time you accuse him of deliberately doing just that thing.

  • 1 decade ago

    I suppose it is good to take some time off once a month.

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