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What's your trick for "morning sickness"?

I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my 4th child and am blown away by how bad the morning sickness (apparently my body thinks ALL DAY is morning)! I haven't thrown up (yet) but I'm really tired of bowing to the porcelain goddess! I'm losing weight too! How do you combat your "morning sickness"?


I had mild morning sickness with my 13 yr old, it was worse with the 2 1/2 yr old, and this time it lasts ALL DAY!

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    I was like that - all day nausea but did not actually throw-up.

    What worked for me was smaller meals / small portions - lots of little snacks instead of eating a lot at one sitting and Cherry lifesavers - only the cherry flavored ones!

    Good luck and congrats!

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    What helped me was after I would wake up and start to feel queasy I would lay on the couch and close my eyes and eat ice chips. Once the ice chips got me feeling better I would have my husband bring me some crackers or pretzels to eat. If the queasy feeling came back I would go back to the ice chips. It was always a vicious cycle everyday for the first 3 months. Cherish the days you don't feel bad and take those opportunities to pamper yourself bc the next day may be a morning sickness day. And I know what you mean about all day sickness, when I first got pregnant I worked 3rd shift and I would wake up at 6 and still feel terrible when it was time to go to work at 10. Good luck, I hope someones answer helps you!

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    I think that whoever labeled it "morning sickness" had never gone through it. (a man) Morning sickness makes it sound cute and quaint.

    The truth. Months of around the clock vomiting is not cute. I had no cure my first pregnancy. I lost a lot of weight and got a lot of dirty looks from other pregnant women due to my lack of weight gain. I did go on zofran eventually and gained 15lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. I still felt like crap but was only throwing up once or twice a day. Sad that that was an improvement. It went away the minute I went into labor.

    My second baby started out the same. I still had no cure that worked. But it went away on its own miraculously at 14 weeks.

    The tricks I tried that other people have said worked.

    Have a snack on your nightstand for you to eat before you get up in the morning.

    Eat lots of protein rich snacks.

    Peppermints. (this was a mild help with my second child)

    Saltine crackers (My OB said this, it doesn't help when you throw them up too)

    Sea-bands. Accupressure bracelets you wear on your arms. I tried them, but learned in my second pregnancy that I had been wearing them in the wrong spot the first time around. Worth a try.

    Snacking on raw ginger root.

    Hope some of that helps.

  • With my daughter I used to make it part of my morning ritual to stop for a Wawa Iced Tea (Wawa is a convenience store in the Philly/South Jersey area), as well as a bag of Herr's Choc Covered Pretzels.

    I wore Sea Sickness bracelets, and ate something small every 15 minutes or so... An empty or emptying stomach contributes to the "I wanna hurl" factor.

    I only vomitted 8 times during my 9 weeks of HELL (the period in which I had 24/7 sickness), but most days I only wished for the 10 minutes of relief it might give me...

    So, unfortunately, even though people will offer up a million suggestions... You need to come up with your own routine and method to take the edge off and hope its bareable.

    This time around I am thankful that the nausea comes in waves, I have periodic episodes of "queasiness", or am otherwise generally "Okay".

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    I was nausea all the time until when I was 13 weeks, and mine should be call "evening" sickness because that's when I start to feel even "sicker"

    I just deal with it knowing that it will go away when 2nd trimester approaches. I eat what sounds good to me, small portion, lying down with pillows propped up somehow makes me feel a bit better. It's okay to lose some weight too at this stage because you just don't have that much of an appetite. If it concerns you too much, definitely let your doctor know. You will get better soon, this is just part of the pregnancy.

  • My dr gave me some hard candy as a tester to see if they work and they did. They are called Bnatals. They have b6 in them which helps with nausea. They come in 2 different flavors and so worth buying. All you have to do is go to a pharmacy and they will be able to order them for you or poss have them in stock. Here is the site:

    You can also go to walmart and pick up a bottle of b6 vits and they help to but can take up to 30 mins to start working. The bnatals start working right away.

    Hope you get over the sickness part soon. Have a happy pregnancy

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    I had horrible morning sickness (All day) as well. I ended up losing 10+ lbs and my doctor put me on Zofran and I had a very dry and boring diet. After being on that for a few months my weight came back and the vomitting subsided. Nausea is still following me around, but I take a Zofran and sit down and I feel better.

    Good Luck to you!

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    Lemonade! Pink Lemonade! Rita's Italian Ice!

    I've lost 7lbs since I found out I was pregnant... since I'm still healthy, doc doesn't mind. I eat only 1 meal a day and a bunch of fruit in between. I know the feeling and it's not fun. I almost got sick from chewing gum yesterday! Feel better soon!

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    I tried everything, crackers, ginger ale, eating in bed, and none of it helped. Just eat whatever does not make you sick and try your best to adjust, hopefully it will go away in the second trimester.

    edit: was your morning sickness this bad with all kids? If it is much worse with this one than the others it is possible you are having twins.

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    Sour candies and Ginger Ale -

    I would pop 2 sour candies in my mouth right after waking up - I would let those dissolve before attempting to sit up in bed - once dissolved I would sit on the edge of my bed for another 1-2 minutes while sipping the Ginger Ale - warm seemed to work best for me - I would then slowly ease myself up and out -

    Don't just "jump" right out of bed when you first wake up - allow yourself a few minutes

    I would then through out the day keep the sour candies and ginger ale very close by - whenever I felt a wave of nausea coming on I would pop 1-2 and feel fine

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