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how i describe this to my boyfriend?

ugh. damn i posted this in the other beauty and style section.


Ok. My boyfriend has icky long hair thats not cute especially when he skips a day of taking a shower. ...but he says he wants me to find a haircut for him and he's starting hate how his hair is getting in his face.

but here's the closest haircut i was thinking of for him. :

it doesn't have to be all spikey like that. I just like how its a lot more clean cut. :]


how do i describe this hair to my boyfriend?*

My god stupid typos. D:

Update 2:

hehe ok guys thanks.

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    just tell him a clean business type of cut

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    Decide on a haircut you like then go with himand have it done. You go first and get the exact haircut you want him to get.It would pretty cool with you both getting the same haircut.

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    Tell him hes hot and you love him but that he'll look better with that haircut and um guys are retarted so your gonna have to give him some afterwards.

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    Just show him the picture that you found and tell him that what he doesn't have to have it like that but think about it because you like the way it look.

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