Malware bytes vs Spybot Search and Destroy which is better ?

Since both are x64 bit compatible ,which one would be better for windows 7 x 64 bit.

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    i decided to test Spybot, Malwarebytes free and AdAware free with firefox. I just did a fresh install of windows xp and downloaded all 3 programs 30 minutes prior to this post. I ran the programs individually using full scan instead of smart scan. After going to some sites i know have spyware cookies i decided to do a full scan with each without removing or quarentine any of the spyware they would come up with, just to see which ones would catch what. All three programs have been downloaded from

    I ran an updated all three programs with the latest definitions and ran a full scan with them all.


    Spybot detected 12 problems

    2x AdRevolver Tracking Cookies

    3x DoubleClick Tracking Cookies

    2x FastClick Tracking Cookies

    1x MediaPlex Tracking Cookies

    3x TradeDoubler Tracking Cookies

    1x Zedo Tracking Cookie

    Malwarebytes detected 0 problems

    AdAware detected 14 tracking cookies

    (I couldn't get the names of the cookies using AdAware free version)

    It seems like good ol' AdAware and Spybot are still performing better than Malwarebytes. Maybe Firefox isn't supported?. For now i think i will stick to what works.

    Spybot S&D vs Malwarebytes – Which spyware blocker is better?

    Here is another comparison between two spyware blockers which many people ponder about. This time, two heavyweights of the computer security industry, Spybot Search & destroy and Malwarebytes Anti-malware, go head-to-head to claim the title of the best spyware blocker.

    Spybot Search & Destroy used to be the King of Hill. Despite their decrease in popularity, Spybot is still a popular spyware blocker choice for many computer users. The problems which Spybot is currently experiencing is that its spyware definition database is slightly outdated. This means that it may not detect the latest spyware to appear on the internet. Many users also reported that it has trouble particularly in removing rogue spyware tools such as System Security 2009 and Antivirusbest. Spybot Search & Destroy has however been around for a longer time than Malwarebytes so you can definitely expect it to detect the old guns of spyware which can be just as troublesome as the new spyware.

    Malwarebytes Anti-malware on the other hand has been surging through the popularity list. It is evident in forums where a high percentage of users use Malwarebytes to remove recent rogue spyware. The developers of Malwarebytes have definitely put a significant amount of effort in as Malwarebytes was a relatively poor spyware blocker when it first came out. The biggest advantage Malwarebytes provide is that it is free and it can detect many rogue spyware which are circulating the internet. I have used this tool myself to remove the likes of Antivirusbest, which caused quite a havoc when it first appeared.


    I think it is pretty clear which spyware blocker I favor more. Malwarebytes Anti-malware is definitely the better choice at the moment because of its high detection rates of recent rogue spyware. I also had no problems running full screen applications while a full scan was taking place. Despite Malwarebytes’ dominance, I think installing Spybot S&D as a secondary spyware blocker would still be a great choice to complement your overall computer security.

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    i definitely like malwarebytes better then spybot but that is just my opinion.

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