In Guys and Dolls, which is the bigger female part, Miss Adelaide or Sergeant Sarah Brown?

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    Sky Masterson is the main character

    Sarah Brown is the biggest female part

    Nathan de-Troit is the other male lead

    Adelaide is the other female lead

    So, in general, Sarah Brown is the largest female part. Adelaide is still a very large part, and both of them are huge and great parts. Many famous celebrities have played her, even if they were better actors than the lead (Most notably Lady Gaga.) So Sarah Brown is a bigger part, that would be correct. As for a "better" part, that's debatable. The relationship between Sarah and Adelaide is similar to the one in "Oklahoma!' between Laurie and Ado Annie. Laurie is the bigger part, but Ado Annie is auditioned for just as much. Same thing between Adelaide and Sarah.

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    4 years ago

    omit Adelaide is the only human beings undergo in recommendations via fact she's the comedian one with the humorous and noteworthy Adelaide's Lament. yet is she "greater suitable"? greater suitable for what? they are diverse roles and tournament diverse human beings. Adelaide has to have the potential to bounce. Sarah would not - no longer as plenty - yet she talks greater. yet Sarah has a adventure that Adelaide would not have. Adelaide needs Nathan to marry her - end of her tale. Sarah is going from being a stable Salvation military woman to creating deals with gamblers and cavorting in Cuba and then to marrying a sinner. Sarah is a annoying place via fact a good number of the attention is going to Adelaide. they are the two superb roles. For my money, Sarah is the greater complicated one. undergo in recommendations, it isn't the quantity of debate or the style of songs that makes a place great. a great place is one that incredibly has a adventure and which connects with the objective audience. Phantom of the Opera, working example. The Phantom is barely onstage for some thing like 27 minutes of the entire instruct, and Christine is on very almost the entire time. yet do they call it Christine of the Opera? No!

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    The great thing about "Guys and Dolls" is that it is filled with great parts. Just as Sky and Nathan are both great parts, so are their "dolls", Adelaide and Sister Sarah. Jump at the chance to play either of them.

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    Sarah Brown is the female lead

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    Usually the majority agrees it's Sarah Brown, but they're both great parts.

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    probably bth , in different ways... both great either way

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