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How about a baseball survey?

1. What is your favorite team's all time roster and lineup?

2. What 10-25 year stretch was your team's best in their history?

3. Who is your favorite current player on your team and who is your favorite player not on your team?

4. Who is your favorite past player that played for your team and who is your favorite player that never played for your team?


If you are not going to answer any of the questions, don't answer at all.

Update 2:

You don't have to answer every question, however.

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    Baltimore Orioles.

    P- Jim Palmer

    C- Javy Lopez

    1B- Boog Powell

    2B- Brian Roberts

    3B- Brooks Robinson

    SS - Cal Ripken Jr.

    OF- Frank Robinson

    OF- Brady Anderson

    OF- Nick Markakis

    Manager - Earl Weaver

    1966-1976 although we were great until 1983

    Nick Markakis favorite on team and Albert Pujols off team

    Cal Riken Jr, Ken Griffey Jr.

  • 1.What is your favorite team's all time roster and lineup?

    C - Pat Borders

    1B - Carlos Delgado

    2B - Roberto Alomar

    SS - Tony Fernandez

    LF - Devon White

    CF - Vernon Wells

    RF - Joe Carter

    DH - Frank Thomas

    SP - Roy Halladay

    SP - Roger Clemens

    SP - Chris Carpenter

    SP - Pat Henke

    SP - Dave Steib

    RP - Duane Ward

    RP - Mike Timlin

    RP - Kelvin Escobar

    2. During the late 80s to early 90s when Toronto was always a contender

    3. Current player on current team: Ricky Romero

    Favourite player not on your team: Roy Halladay

    4. Favourite past player: Roger Clemens

    Favourite player that never played for your team: Stephen Strasburg

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    1B Ryan Howard

    2B Chase Utley

    3B Mike Schmit

    SS Larry Bowa

    OF Scott Rowand

    OF John Cruk

    OF Shane Victorino

    P Steve Carlton

    Don't really know they kind of stunk for like forever. They were good in the 80 i guess and then they were good in 2007 and 08 and 09 and yah. So, there was never a time they were good for more than 10 years. I guess te 80s.

    My fav player now is Victorino. My favorite player is down in the minors rehabbing from a hurt forarm. J.A. Happ. My favorite player not on the team is either Andre Either or Cliff Lee(miss you)

    My favorite past player is Aaron Rowand. Something about that broken nose JK. My favorite player never on the Phillies is probably Ichiro. Okay bye now

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    1. Tigers

    P- Denny McLain

    1B- Hank Greenberg

    2B- Charlie Gehringer

    3B- George Kell

    SS- Allen Trammel

    C- Mickey Cochrane

    LF- Al Kaline

    CF- Ty Cobb

    RF- Kirk Gibson

    DH- Miguel Cabrera

    2. 1935-1945

    3. Cabrera. Adam Dunn

    4. Mickey Tettleton Paul Molitor

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    C - Thurman Munson

    1B - Don Mattingly

    2B - Willie Randolph

    SS - Derek Jeter

    3B - Graig Nettles

    OF - Bobby Murcer

    OF - Mickey Mantle

    OF - Paul O'Neill

    P- Ron Guidry

    Relief - Mariano Rivera

    Manager - Billy Martin

    1978 - 1998

    Current: Derek Jeter and Ichiro Suzuki

    Past: Bobby Murcer and Paul Molitor

  • Sorry I didn't answer the first 2.

    3. Kevin Youkilis Stephen Strasburg

    4. Babe Ruth Mark McGwire when he set the HR record

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