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hey asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 1 decade ago

Citizens bank call me and they...?

I just got my credit card with them back in Mid June. I used it to get the rental car for vacation. I just came back recently, I didn't go through all my mail since it was at the post office-I had a ton. I got a call yesterday from them (RBS bank, branch of citizens?), stating that I missed my first payment by 5 days. I explained i didn't go through my mail yet and I apologized and told them I’d pay right now. I owed them 20 dollars. I was on my cell phone and she told me to hold on so she could get the manager to verify my payment. The woman got on and said I want to verify your payment of 20.00 etc... she said is this correct? I said yes, and she was like hello?...i said yes! ... Hello?... I was getting frustrated then i looked at my phone and my cheek must have hit the hold button, but as I was un-muting it i heard the original woman in the background say “she isn’t answering? If she hung up I'll kill that B*tch” then I got really mad and i said excuse me what did she say? The women said I’m sorry Ms that was not me. Long story short i spoke with a manger (supposedly i dont trust them) but he said that’s not how our company works but i will tell u that there probably wont be any disciplinary action done" ..

What can i do about thus?!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you recorded the conversation (and you live in a state that allows this), you'd have grounds to bring charges for assault, but I'm betting you didn't, so it would be their word against yours. In short, there's nothing you can do.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can pay your bills on time.

    Or, you can pay off and cancel that credit card.

    Also - paying only 20.00 on a credit card you just used to rent a car is going to kill you in interest charges. If you use a credit card, pay it off in full each month.

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