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How do I lose two inches off my waist?

Currently, I have a 27 inch waistline, weigh 120-125 pounds, and am 5'1. I dance 12 hours a week; ballet, modern dance, and jazz. Though I've been told that I've lost a lot of weight, I don't really feel it. My arms have gotten smaller since I've started dancing more but my waist is pretty much the same. It's killing me. How can I take inches off my waist? I don't care how long it takes, by the way.

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    You'll never know till you try

    Remember you need Three (3)Things

    The first 2 are Willpower & Wont power

    Wont eat Junk food

    Wont drink soda's

    and Wont eat Ice Cream

    Will Exercise everyday

    Will eat Healthy foods

    Cycling, Swimming Tennis and Brisk Walking,

    Skating is good too

    Sound like hard work?

    2 coin a phrase 'just do it!'

    The third thing you need is commonsense

    *Good Karma*

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    Try running, bike, swimming, or Jillian Michaels DVD. I lost 45 pounds in 30 days by running 3k, biking 6k, and doing her DVD every day. Good luck.

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    Stress on exercises for your waist for doing away with unwanted fats etc.. However, it is virtually not possible to resize your pelvis bones.

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